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Wombs Around The Web - October '18

Welcome to Wombs Around The Web – Pink Parcel's new monthly round-up of women’s health news and period news from around the world. Here’s the latest.

Australia scraps 10% tampon tax

From 1st January, 2019, Australia will do away with the current 10 percent tax on tampons and sanitary pads. Earlier this year, in July, 2018, India eliminated the 12 percent Goods and Services Tax on sanitary protection. And, in the United States, nine states have eliminated the tampon tax, and seven states have introduced legislation. Tampons and towels are currently taxed at 5 percent in the UK, which leaves us dragging behind the rest of the world in tackling what many believe to be a violation of human rights. British women are expected to have to pay tampon tax for at least another three years, with January 2022 the earliest date that we can expect the tax to be lifted.

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Period bullying witnessed by nearly half of British girls

Almost half of British girls have witnessed bullying about periods. New research by YouGov found that 43 percent of British teenage girls have witnessed or experienced period shaming. In total, over 1,000 girls at UK secondary schools were interviewed, and the study found that 91 percent of girls were worried about going to school while on their period and a worrying 35,000 girls are missing school because they’re on their period. The findings also revealed that 72 percent of boys had not had been educated appropriately about periods, which is contributing to the stigma continuing.

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Environmenstrual Week starts on Saturday

Environmenstrual Week of Action, hosted by the Women’s Environmental Network, is taking place from 13th-20th October, 2018. Around two billion period products end up in our oceans, rivers and beaches every year. As well as raising awareness around key issues, such as disposal of menstrual products and period poverty, the campaign aims to work towards making eco-friendly menstrual products available to all, such as bettypads, which are made from organic cotton and are fully biodegradable.


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