Why You Need Pink Parcel In Your Life

If you’re yet to have a proper peek around the website, and want to know a bit more about Pink Parcel, let us fill you on the philosophy, and why this box has been created just for you…

What is Pink Parcel?

So, the concept is simple, oh-so indulgent yet super-sensible. Imagine not having to remember (or forget) to buy tampons and pads every single month? It would be another ‘to-do’ not to think about, right?

And what if a heap of feel-good beauty bits and self-care treats arrived through your letterbox, just at the time that your period does. Hands-up if that would make you feel better? Yep, we thought so.

Pink Parcel is a subscription service that is delivered to you once a month. Our well-considered package comes with your choice of tampons, pads, or a mix of both, from all your trusted femcare brands, along with an on-the-go pouch for your bag, so that you’ve always got supplies on you. Handy.

That alone would be boring though. Our priority is making women feel their absolute best when their period rolls around, so also in the box is a curated mix of cult beauty products, premium pampering must-haves, wellbeing teas and artisan chocolate. Whether you describe these as a self-care package, period pick-me-ups, or your time of the month tonic – the treats that land on your doorsteps will give you the right kind of feels to sail through your period positively.

Yeah, yeah we know we’re bragging. But it’s not just us that think Pink Parcel is a must-have ­– our friends in the press think it’s pretty fab too.

Sunday Times Style magazine said that “Pink Parcel is a game changer, the best thing to happen to your period since Nurofen Plus,” and the team at Grazia magazine think it’s perfect for those who get it really bad around the time of their period or “just to make Mother Nature’s visit a little more palatable.”

Plus the PP squad – our regular subscribers to the box – have plenty of good stuff to say about Pink Parcel. On Instagram, @lyndseymbeauty said “it’s still bizarre looking forward to my period so that I can get my goodies. This box is awesome, you’re basically paying for all your sanitary products to be delivered and getting your treats for free.” And @jenxoblog shared that she “always looks forward to the TOTM when I get this amazing subscription box.”

What’s in Pink Parcel?

We’ve explained that Pink Parcel ensures your tampons and pads situ is sorted each month, but it’s the indulgent bits and pieces that make your period feel that little bit better. So, along with your essential femcare – for now, for night and for later – you’ll find lush items such as…

Scentered Love Luxury Mini Therapy Balm

Evelyn Iona Cosmetics Green Tea Primer

Hikari Shimmer Bronzer

Doisy & Dam Maple, Toasted Rice And Pink Salt Dark Chocolate

Emily Victoria Candles Double Chocolate Chip Wax Melt

Vitamasques Manuka Honey Hydrating + Moisturising Sheet Mask

Yuyo Yerba Zing Tea Bag

And when you fall in love with the products in your parcel  – you can head to the PP shop, to get your hands on the full size.

Plus, at the heart of Pink Parcel is period-positivity – we’re not *just* a box of tampons and treats. In a recent survey, 90% of the women we asked think we all have a responsibility to talk more openly about periods to help break down the taboo. Agreed, huh? So along with providing your monthly essentials, we share supportive and empowering advice on periods, wellbeing and health in a space that’s informative and open. If there’s something you want to know more about, or you’d like to tell us your story, we’d love to hear from you.

Decided that you need Pink Parcel in your life? Then you can order yours here! Choose the delivery date to suit your cycle and look forward to fuss-free and fabulous periods. You're in complete control and you can change your period product preferences and amount of products you receive each month. And you can cancel at any time too – we’re all about making things hassle-free.