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Why This 10-Minute MUDMASKY® Mask Is As Good As A Facial

So what if you can’t afford weekly facials at the most sought-after medispa? That doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to experience the coveted post-facial glow. If you’re a facial aficionado, then you’ll know that a mask is usually the final step of the ritual, after a good cleanse, steam and facial massage. But, imagine if you could skip all the lengthy steaming and painful extraction and go straight in for the mask? We’ve discovered a 10-minute product that leaves skin looking super-radiant, without you having to get up off the sofa (well, except to wash it off). And what's more, it's exclusive to the Pink Shop! That's right, you can't get this cult product anywhere else. Find out why MUDMASKY® Facial Detox Purifying Recovery Mask is our new skincare crush.

Global ingredients

Spa pilgrimages can give you access to the most skin-loving ingredients on the planet. But to save you the airfare, MUDMASKY is dedicated to sourcing the most-wanted raw ingredients from around the world, such as montmorillonite clay – extracted from volcanic ashes in France – and green tea leaves from Japan. Even the water in this mask is above par, with only mineral-rich water from the Dead Sea used.

Refines pores

Assaulting your face and extracting your spots at home is generally not a good idea, and something best left to the professionals. Try this mask instead, which sucks out blackheads, leaving pores visibly clearer. The green hue is down to the montmorillonite clay – the key ingredient you can thank for the mask’s blemish-blitzing and pore-minimising properties. Add to the mix grey Wyoming clay and antibacterial green tea leaf extract and you’ve got a blackhead-fighting facial at your fingertips.

A post-facial glow

The coveted post-facial glow is something that every woman lusts after. Citric acid from calamondin fruit lends itself to a natural glow, exfoliating away dull, dead skin cells and speeding up skin cell turnover, so you can leave the house with that just-stepped-out-of-the-salon spring in your step.

It’s anti-aging, too

Unlike with some detoxifying masks that leave skin tight and dry, skin is hydrated and left super-soft, thanks to nourishing Moroccan lava clay. Bamboo stem extract maintains collagen and elastin in the skin and vitamin E protects against free radicals.

Get the facial feeling

Obviously, a DIY job is not going to feel the same as having someone fuss over you for an hour. But, with some fragrant candles and blissful beats you can make it work. Turn off your tech, lie back and make the most of your MUDMASKY moment.

Apply up to twice a week and for some all-night masking, follow with MUDMASKY® Sleep Repair Renewal Nourishing Mask.

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