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Why Foot Masks Are The New Face Masks

Sponsored by Skimono

During the summer, we are good to our feet. Whether we’re parading around in sandals, flip flops or barefoot, we want them to look their best because they’re on display, obvs. However, once September is here and we start to swap the sliders for ankle boots, we can be a bit guilty of letting our great foot care regime slide.

Thankfully, it’s no longer just about our faces in the masks department; foot masks have hit the market running this year, so we can put our best foot forward as we step through the front door each evening – even once we’ve given up on our fortnightly pedicures.

Now, we’ve all seen those Facebook videos, but while there is something grossly satisfying about watching your skin peel off like some foot masks promote, we’re not really sure about the carpet clean-up that follows. In September’s Red Edit Pink Parcel, we’ve selected Skimono’s Total Conditioning foot mask, which instead of shedding your skin, penetrates your feet with a moisture hit to rival the Niagara Falls. Bliss.

The wonder mask

Skimono is literally a kimono for your skin! The indulgent foot mask uses multiple layers that work to lock in moisture and replenish cracked heels, hard skin and tired feet. The mask even has an antibacterial agent to help get rid of nasty bacteria. Just slip the booties on like socks for 30 minutes and, upon removal, you’ll be left with baby soft feet that last for weeks!

So, who are Skimono?

The London-based brand is inspired by Asian beauty and aims to tackle the issues that our skin faces as a result of modern day life; the gross commute, long distance travel, pollution, the day-to-day activities that drain moisture from our skin (and sometimes our soul).

And why are they so darn great?

Well, unlike conventional mud masks and pulp sheet masks, Skimono’s masks don’t lose any moisture during application. The first layer holds a combination of shea butter, olive oil, tea tree and chamomile which works to soften skin, while the second works as a lock-in barrier – the thermal heat makes the concoction work deeper into your skin’s layers. This encourages your feet to continue the high-moisture retention, long after you’ve slipped off the socks.

What’s more...

For those of you who are subscribed to Pink Parcel, not only will you receive your Skimono foot mask this month, but you’ll also receive a very nice discount, which you can use on future purchases. And trust us, you’ll want to buy this mask again, and again, and again.

Skimono Total Conditioning Foot Mask is available in September’s Pink Parcel and on Skimono’s website.