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#TabooTuesday: Be Proud Of Your Body Hair (Pubes Included)

Whether you pluck, shave and wax to your heart's content or fully embrace the fuzz, body hair is an inevitable part of being a woman. Thanks hormones.

Hairy nostrils, moustaches, snail trails, furry toes - sure, some of it's unwanted but it all has a job to do, guys.

If you're conscious of your fluffy bumcrack or thinking about shaving your arms, let us remind you that body fuzz can actually be a sign of good health. So don't give it a hard time. Learn its good points then do with it what you will, it's your body after all...

Hairy Toes = Healthy Heart

Yep, you heard it right. Hobbit feet might not look super-hot in your Christmas peep-toes but they are an indicator that all is well when it comes to your circulation. Fine, wax your toes, but don't be angry when the hairs grow back, it shows your blood vessels are A-OK.

Full Body Rug = Regulated Temperature

There are fine hairs all over us (approx 5 million), from our legs and arms to our face, so don't go crazy with the laser treatments just yet because these are vital for body temperature control. They retain heat in the cold and facilitate sweating which actually cools us down in the heat. Clever, eh?

Hairy Nipples = Normal Hormones

Most women have a few hairs sprouting out their areola. It is literally as common as wonky boobs (also totally the norm) and indicates a healthy hormone level. If you don't like the little fellas, just gently pluck them out.

Pubes = Flourishing Fanny

Au naturel, Brazilian, Hollywood - however you like to style your curlies, they do have a purpose. They protect your vagina from unwanted dust and bacteria, provide a cushion against your skin and help spread pheromones that attract potential mates. Who said pubes weren't sexy?

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