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So, When Actually Is The Best Time To Check Your Boobs?

Incase you hadn't heard us shouting about it already, it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Which means we're talking about boobs every single week.

Why? Because too many women (and men) die of breast cancer every year due to late detection. Currently over 2000 cases are diagnosed at stage 4 each year – there is no stage 5. This is why we are on a mission to get EVERYONE checking their boobs, regardless of age or gender.

Early detection is key in beating breast cancer, which is why it’s important to examine your breasts on a regular basis. This helps you to understand what feels normal for you and to alert you to any changes – however, your period can make your boobs feel different to any other time of the month.

Thanks to our favourite hormone duo – oestrogen and progesterone – breast ducts can become enlarged mid-cycle, while just after your period, the milk glands in your boobs can grow. Not only do these hormones make your breasts feel tender, but they can only change the way they feel. They may feel denser to the touch and also lumpy. This is why it’s good idea to only do a self-examination of your breasts a week after your period.

Now you know when (you’ve added it to your calendar, right?), what is the best way to examine your breasts? Well there is no right or wrong way, you just need to have a good old feel.

Here are the symptoms and signs to look out for: nipple discharge, lumps and thickening, changes in skin texture (e.g. puckering, dimpling), nipple inversion and changes in direction, swelling in armpit or around the collar bone, constant pain in breast or armpit, a change in size or shape, a rash or crusting of or around the nipple. If you notice any of these, book in a visit to your GP pronto!

Don’t forget, it’s not just about how your boobs feel, but how they look too, so keep an eye out for changes in skin texture, such as puckering and dimpling, or strange rashes. The boob checking fun doesn’t stop there though! Encourage all your friends and relatives to get checking on a regular basis.

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