How much attention do you give your period? Do you know exactly when it’s due and how long it will last for, or does it take you by surprise every single month? 

Whether you’re obsessed with the dates of your period or are more about listening to your body, there are plenty of positive benefits to getting in tune with your cycle and understanding your body. And what better way to chart what’s going on, than with a period app designed just for the job? If you’ve not yet downloaded the Pink app, here’s why you need it in your life.

How do I track my cycle?

The second your period has left the building, it’s tempting to forget all about it until it arrives again 28 days later. Or is that 25 days? Hmmm. If you’re not even sure when it comes, we get it. By tracking the dates of your period and the length of your bleed, however, you’ll soon build up a picture of your cycle and can use this intel to plan life around your period, or to get smart about your most fertile days of the month.

And rather than having to mark your period on the calendar and count days on your fingers, the Pink app’s tracking tool will do all the diary admin for you. On the first day of your period, click ‘Track Your Period’ and when you’ve finished bleeding, click ‘Stop Tracking’. By viewing calendar mode you can then see exactly where you are in your cycle and the app will flag up the dates when your next period will arrive, along with your fertile days. Easy.

How does my period affect my mood?

Being sad or stressed one week and then feeling happy and inspired the next, is totally normal during a monthly cycle. Not to mention the changes you might see in your appetite or your enthusiasm and energy to exercise. Use the app’s daily diary tool to log exactly how you’re feeling throughout the month, and notice any patterns that then start to emerge.

By understanding the link between your feelings, your daily activity and your cycle, a horrendous black mood or the overwhelming desire to ditch your evening plans can suddenly make perfect sense. You’re not going mad, you’re not getting sick, you’re simply due on your period. When it comes to your body, it’s all about the knowledge.

What are my hormones doing?

And if getting clued up on your menstrual cycle and moods isn’t helpful enough, the app also delivers an inspired Periodscope – your tailored daily horoscope with a period twist. By seeing where you are in your cycle, the Pink app will explain exactly what’s going on with your hormones and serve up a handy hint how on to align these hormone shifts with your day – this could be anything from urging you to be more sociable to make the most of a mood uplift, or permitting a pizza and sofa session when energy levels are low.

What’s more, the Pink app links straight through to the Pink blog, giving you your daily fix of period advice, health info, beauty buys and wellbeing tips. Download the app now and start getting smart about your cycle.