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So, What's The Deal With Crystals?

Excuse the pun, but unless you’ve been living under a big, shiny rock, you’ll have clocked that crystals are having a moment right now – and the trend for all things mystical and lunar will certainly be sticking around for 2018.

With celebs such as Lena Dunham, Victoria Beckham and the Kardashian sisters plugging into the wellbeing benefits of these pretty, precious stones, let’s take a closer look at crystals and their magical healing properties.

So what are crystals?

Crystals are minerals formed underground and they have existed on our planet for thousands and thousands of years. They can be very small, others are huge and some develop into strange shapes.

Crystal healing is a type of therapy that uses these geometric gemstones as a tool to help draw out negative energy and to heal physical and emotional ailments – the idea is that the crystals work with the human energy field to absorb, direct and focus energy in the body.

Are they really for me?

Whether or not you believe that a rock can *actually* heal or help a human, you’ve got nothing to lose by giving them a go. Crystal healing isn’t a miracle spell that will fix all that’s wrong in your life, but instead taps into spirituality, mindfulness and intuition – even if at first you’re not open to their energies, they are pretty pieces of nature to have close by.

What to do?

You can start by holding the crystal in your hand, closing your eyes and setting an intention that will implant in the stone – this could be hoping for success at work, or asking for direction with a decision you’re making ­– then keep your stones close by to benefit from their positive energies. You should regularly pop your stones in the sun to recharge their power, or wash them in a salt bath to get rid of any negativity that they may have absorbed. This is like a reboot and you should then reset your intentions for each stone.

How do I choose a crystal?

Because they’re a balance of nature, all crystals will work in harmony with each other and the energy each crystal will yield depends on its size. When choosing a stone, it’s possible that one will stand out to you, depending on what you need in your life, and it’s possible to absorb the energy of even a tiny stone.

Where should I keep my crystals?

Crystals can be kept anywhere around the house or on your body, so you can benefit from their energy during the day. You can pop one in your pocket or bag, place them by your bed to get the benefits as you sleep, or keep them on your desk as you’re working.

Your crystal starter kit

Each crystal has unique properties and there are literally hundreds or them that can be used for different things. Here are a few good starter stones for crystal beginners.

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Clear Quartz

This translucent and clear crystal is known as the master healer, so is a great starter stone. Clear Quartz brings in positivity, focus and clarity and can be used to heal issues on a mental, emotional and physical level.


Working for a promotion? Focused on boosting your bank balance? Then Citrine is the crystal to have around. Known as the ‘merchant’s stone’ or the stone of success, this golden, yellow crystal brings prosperity, abundance and can help you attract new opportunities as well as getting rid of ‘blocking’ negativity.


This pretty stone come in shades of pale lilac to colour-popping purple and taps into the ‘Third Eye Chakra,’ so can open the gateway to a higher level of consciousness. It’s also a great one to chuck in your suitcase as it’s known as the ‘traveller’s stone’ and offers protection and immunity.


For motivation, inspiration, creativity and confidence, the Carnelian stone is the one. It’s a great energy booster and will give you the strength to get through tough times and deal with tricky situations.

Rose Quartz

This super-pretty pink crystal represents love and harmony and is a calming and soothing stone. If you want to move on from a difficult relationship, or open your heart to a new one, this is the stone to bring peaceful, emotional vibes.

Black Tourmaline

This stone is a protector and can be used as a shield against damaging electro-magnetic energies and negative personalities that can harm your aura. Keep them near your electronic gadgets and devices.

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