#TabooTuesday: Everything You Need To Know About Fanny Farts

OK we're putting it out there straight away, fanny farts happen to the best of us. A delicate squeak, a wet raspberry, a loud and proud trumpet - everyone's let one slip at some point.

Whether you've been in a serene yoga class doing the downward dog and those pelvic floors just can't hold on any longer, or down and dirty in the bedroom (probably in a similar position) and out it flies, vaginal flatulence loves to make a surprise entrance. It's cheeky like that.

So, other than the fact they are funny and embarrassing in equal measures, what more do you need to know about the mystical movements of the queef? (Apart from *all the amazing slang synonyms we found on the internet...)

Fanny Farts

WTF Are They Anyway?

Fanny farts are nothing more than an expulsion of air leaving your vagina. Cause and effect at its simplest - what goes in has to come out.

Why Do They Happen?

Sex is a major culprit thanks to the good old suction effect. Penetration causes air to get trapped inside the vagina - the queef is just its way of escaping. Exercise can also play a part depending of your positions and movements (yes we're pointing at you, Pilates).

Are They Unhealthy?

Hell no. They are a completely normal and healthy part of being a woman. However, see a GP if you let one loose that has a bad odour. This could be a condition called colovaginal fistula which occurs when the piece of skin between your colon and vagina tears.

Can I Stop Them?

It is possible to reduce how regular you fanny fart. Working on your pelvic floors and sticking to less acrobatic sex positions can help, but we think they're kind of charming so just embrace the queef and use it as your own personal source of comedy.

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*kitty cough, muff grunt, querp, flappuccino, pink steamer, beaver bomb, love puff, horse hiccup.

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