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Here's How The Wellness Pros Deal With Their Periods

They’re experts in their fields, but how do the health and fitness gurus deal with periods? Here, five of our favourite wellness warriors they share their in-the-know tips…

The travel-loving yogi

For a healthy fix of wanderlust and wellness tips, check out Phoebe Greenacre. Originally from Oz, this London-based yoga teacher and co-founder of Silou Active is passionate about travelling the world, being outdoors and doing a few downward dogs as she goes. Her travel tips will inspire your next healthy holiday for sure.


Go with the flow…

“When I'm feeling a bit meh at that time of the month, I try to avoid any dynamic yoga and prefer a Yin restorative session instead. I feel so, so, so much better after giving my body some TLC and a long hot bath helps too.”

The nutritionist

Alice Mackintosh is a top nutritional therapist and runs a thriving practice helping people to manage skin disorders. She’s also a founder of the cool nutritional supplement range Equi, and co-author of The Happy Kitchen, Good Mood Food. If you want to understand the impact of diet on your health, Alice is your go-to girl.


Choose your super-foods…

“I eat seaweed, brazil nuts, flaxseed and kale. Seaweed is a great addition to a hormone balancing diet as it is rich in iodine, iron and many other essential nutrients that the brain loves such as B vitamins, folic acid and magnesium. Iodine in particular is indispensable for thyroid function, which can impact on mood, female hormones and energy. Sprinkle it on to salads, soups and casseroles ­– supermarkets sell ‘seaweed sprinkle’ or you can buy Itsu seaweed snacks. Seaweed spaghetti is also great added into soups or stir-fries and levels should boost quite quickly if you eat it two-three times per week. Another vital nutrient for the thyroid is selenium. This is found in Brazil nuts and even three a day can help you reach your RDA! Flaxseed has many benefits owing to its fibre levels, which help to normalise bowel movements, which believe it or not as one of the most important things to get right when suffering with hormonal strife. Flaxseed also delivers phytoestrogens, natural compounds that can gently mimic our own oestrogen. Have one tablespoon of flaxseed per day, or a handful of edamame. Stay away from processed soy (milk, yoghurt etc) as these can be oestrogen overkill! To best support the delicate balance of oestrogen and progesterone we need a well functioning liver. Kale contains the B vitamins which are important to the liver, as well as folic acid and sulphur rich compounds that are also needed for hormonal harmony.”

The skincare expert

Abigail James, the renowned facialist, skin genius and author of new book Love Your Skin looks after the faces of the A-listers and is famous for her bespoke skin treatments. Here’s a woman that knows everything there is to know about looking after your face.


Get some rest…

"Sleep! Schedule some catch-up nights. Think of sleep as being part of your skincare routine – it’s a time for your complexion to rebalance and repair itself."

The fitness influencer

Lucy Mountain, a.k.a The Fashion Fitness Foodie, posts and vlogs about her three loves – fitness, healthy eating and active wear. What we adore about Lucy (apart from her slick Insta-feed) is that she always keeps it real – whether she’s chatting about body image, a new pair of leggings or how many calories are really in your daily Starbucks, there’s no BS.


Remove expectations…

“Creating sustainable daily habits is how I approach health and fitness. I love following basic structures but I'm always flexible within them. When I’ve got my period I tend to go a little off plan from my usual weight training programme and see how I'm feeling day by day. If I feel like lifting some weights, I'll go for it. If I feel like something a little lower impact like a walk, I'll go for it. And if I feel like crawling under my duvet for an impromptu nap, I'll go for it! I always try to remove all expectations from my training that week and be kind to myself."

The fertility expert

Dubbed the ‘baby-maker’, Emma Cannon is an acupuncture practitioner and one of the UK’s leading fertility experts. She draws on the ancient practice of Chinese medicine to help women balance menstrual cycles and optimise their fertility. In her latest book Fertile, Emma encourages listening to your body and nurturing, nourishing and feeding it correctly throughout your whole cycle.


Celebrate your cycle…

“Our bodies are incredible and go through cycles every month of growth, development and renewal. Our menstrual cycle is the aspect of us that makes us female and that gives us our fertility – it’s the only outward sign that your body is fertile and I think this is something very precious that needs to be valued and understood. Learning about your body through the signs and feelings you experience during the different phases of your menstrual cycle is a great place to start.”

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