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Why Manuka Honey Is This Model’s Skincare Go-To

There’s a reason that we’re all ears when models reveal their skincare tips. Not just because these girls are ahead of the game, often getting to road test the latest beauty buys before us, but also because what with the occupational hazard of jet-lagged, overworked skin, the products that the pros use on their face and body really do have to deliver results. Model-endorsed usually means it’s the real deal.

Model behaviour

So, when the buzzy skincare ingredient manuka started to receive a slew of thumbs-up recommendations from the runway, we took note. Winnie Harlow, the Canadian model of the moment, revealed to Elle magazine that her favourite cheat for tired skin is to use a manuka honey mask three days in a row. “Honey is a natural humectant so it draws moisture to the skin and its high hydrogen content kills bacteria that can give me breakouts,” she explained.

Sweet skincare

But what exactly is manuka and why is the beauty world going mad for it? Manuka honey hails from New Zealand and is made by bees that only collect pollen from the native manuka bush. This sweet, golden elixir has been dubbed a superfood thanks to its infection-fighting and immunity-boosting properties. You can reach for a pot to ward off a cold, to help ease digestion or to heal a wound.

And the beauty benefits can’t be ignored either. Manuka honey is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, so it works hard to fight acne and reduce redness, all while stimulating cell repair and giving a generous moisture boost to keep skin feeling plump and youthful. Look out for manuka as an ingredient in skincare formulations for a spot-free, super-soft complexion.

Honey heros 

Suffering with blemishes or congested skin? Switch your regular face cream for one infused with manuka to balance oil production and reduce flaky patches. The Organic Pharmacy Manuka Face Cream is a blend of antiseptic manuka, soothing lavender and balancing cedarwood. The cream’s skin-calming echinacea and propolis make it the perfect choice for oily or acne prone skin. Apply in the morning after cleansing and toning the skin. 

Take on board Winnie’s tried and tested tip, too, and indulge your skin with a Vitamasque Manuka Honey sheet mask – formulated specifically to treat spots and nourish the complexion. Let the manuka mask work its magic for 20 minutes, peel off and massage the skin to reveal a gorgeous, healthy, honey-induced glow.