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Time's Up: The Women's March For Equality

Chanting "Time's Up, Time's Up," and carrying #MeToo placards, more than 5 million protestors worldwide took to the streets this weekend – over 100,000 in London – to march, speak up and make their voices heard. And it was beyond empowering.

The Women's March is a women-led global movement bringing together all genders, ages, races, cultures, political affiliations and backgrounds, and one year on from the first powerful march in 2017 – the first day of Donald Trump’s US Presidency – the fight for equality and human rights is stronger than ever.

This year’s march in London was also part of the Time's Up campaign to end sexual harassment, launched at the start of 2018 by hundreds of women, in the entertainment industry.

“We are coming together to pledge that we are going to make change in big and small ways. We will stand side by side, once again, in solidarity with our sisters, brothers and siblings around the world. Together we are strong and if we all work for a better world then time is really up for oppressors of women,” said the organisers of Women’s March London.

Let’s take a look at some pics from the weekend, and continue to be inspired and empowered by this kick-ass, global movement that’s fighting for change around the world.


Because gender inequality has had its time, right?


Bloody Good Period, the organisation fighting to end period poverty, called for protestors to donate pads at the London march.


Because feminism's not just a women's issue.


Calling for strength, bravery and persistence.


Empowering the next generation of feminists.


Speak up, stand up, stay fierce.


Could this be the best celeb selfie ever? Cameron Diaz, Adele and Jennifer Lawrence marching strong in the US.