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Time For Tea? 8 Reasons Why We Always Love A Cuppa

Whether you're reading this from your desk, the sofa or from under a duvet, chances are there's a cup of tea in reaching distance - as a nation we drink over 165,000,000 of them a day. Woooahh, that's some serious tea appreciation going on.

So let’s raise our mugs and toast the cuppa – 21st April is National Tea Day and regardless whether you prefer yours fruity, builder's choice, or milky AF, here are 8 reasons why we should celebrate the humble brew. Now go put the kettle on...

1. Tea can help you sleep

Sip on a standard cup of of tea before bed and you might find yourself still staring at the ceiling a few hours later. A lovely, dreamy herbal blend will have the opposite effect. Your Tea's Sleep Tea in April's parcel is packed with natural ingredients – liquorice root, lavender and rose – to soothe your mind and body to sleep. Zzzz.

2. It works with cake

Ohhh yeah. And biccies. If you’re a fully-fledged biscuit dunker, you’ll know of course there’s a fine art to this. Get it wrong and you’re in bourbon-at-the-bottom-of-the-mug hell. Foolish.

3. Tea can ease PMS

True! Not only is tea calming and comforting, some herbal and fruit blends have lovely medicinal qualities. Tummy troubles can be soothed with peppermint tea and a ginger blend can ease cramps ­– a study found it was just as effective as ibuprofen. Worth knowing.

4. It extracts the chat

How many secrets have you been told over a brew? A few huh. There’s something share-inducing about a cuppa – you know the signs; steam rising from the rim of the mug, that cosy double-handed grip, your wide-eyed mate leaning in closer ... it all leads to a spill of secrets, for sure.

5. The ritual is relaxing

Boil, dunk, strain…repeat. Making a brew is a mindless, habitual routine that punctuates the day with gentle little pauses. Need time-out? Make a cuppa. Finished a task? Make tea. It's predictable and reassuring.

6. We love its mystic qualities

Hocus pocus, mumbo jumbo? Maybs. But there’s still something wonderfully mystical about the ancient art of tea-leaf reading – officially known as Tasseography. What to look for? Deffo birds, they mean happiness and joy.

7. It’s kinder than coffee

Tea has less caffeine than coffee, meaning fewer of those hideous over-caffeinated jangles. Herbal and fruit blends have no caffeine at all – which makes them a great hydrating choice.

8. Tea’s great in a disaster

No matter how bad the news, us Brits respond to a disaster by putting the kettle on. Sure, supping on the wet stuff can’t solve the world’s problems but there's definitely comfort to be had from a hot cup of char. We'll cling to that, heh.

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