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This Eye Serum Is Every Millennial’s Must-Have

If you’re feeling nothing short of knackered, chances are the first place it will show up is in your peepers. Eyes are the windows to your wellbeing after all, and they undoubtedly look most refreshed after eight hours of skin-restoring sleep.

But with R&R not always on the agenda, we’re forever hunting out the beauty products that will pick up the slack. For sorting out the sleep-deprived skin that causes dry, puffy eyes, we’ve discovered the Dr Botanicals Pomegranate Superfood Brightening Eye Serum and are fast prescribing it as the go-to for every tired millennial in town.

Serum secrets

So, what’s so wow about an eye serum? In short, serums have been making waves for years in the beauty world, due to them being the most hard-working formulation in your skincare line-up. A serum is a highly concentrated product so will deliver a potent shot of active ingredients straight to the skin. It’s a much more powerful penetrator than regular moisturiser and can supercharge your skincare by targeting, and solving, specific concerns like fine lines or ultra-dryness.

Eyes on the prize

The reason we’re rating the Dr Botanicals serum for sorting out our weary-looking eyes, is thanks to its magic antioxidant properties that protect the skin around the eyes against potential sun damage and help fight the damaging free radicals that can cause fine lines and ageing.

Loaded with pomegranate extract, this superfood serum will nourish the delicate area around the eyes, to leave it looking much smoother and brighter. It also contains a generous helping of raspberry seed oil – a wonder ingredient that is high in fatty acids and vitamin E and works hard to moisturise, reduce puffiness and protect the sensitive skin on your eyelids, sockets and under the eyes.

For best results on exhausted eyes, gently pat the serum onto the entire eye area, twice a day, morning and night. Dr. Botanicals vegan skincare products rely on the potent power of botanicals to treat skin and are made with only natural ingredients – we’re talking no chemical preservatives or nasty parabens. To discover this entire apothecary range, head to the Pink Shop.

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