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Your Period Is Crying Out For These Thinx Pants

We bet you have some period pants stuffed at the back of your drawers. They’re probably old, they’re definitely comfy, and you keep hold of them as it means you won’t spoil your best pants when you’ve got your period.

Well now it’s time to ditch your old knickers and invest in some pants, which we promise will make your period, er, less pants!

Thinx underwear are the secret weapon in fighting annoying period leaks – but these aren’t some horrible disposable paper pants. Oh no, Thinx come in four pretty designs, with various levels of absorbencies. Not only are they stylish, but they’re also doing a whole host of good for women and their periods in developing nations.

The magic behind the pants

The idea behind Thinx came when two of the founders Miki and Radha were participating in a three-legged race. During the race, Miki’s period started and the pair literally had to hop off the track to take care of it.

After three years of research and hard work, Thinx were born. “It was a great challenge,” explains Veronica del Rosario, Director of Marketing for Thinx. “We are still iterating every single day to create the best possible product we can.”


Basically, Thinx ensures you don’t have any embarrassing period leaks. All four styles of knickers contain a clever section that is anti-microbial, moisture-wicking and stain resistant.

Oh and let’s not forget that they’re reusable, lasting between 2 to 3 years, making them a great green option for period days.

Changing the world

Thinx is more than just a pair of pants. As well as making your period better, the founders wanted to make life a little bit better for those women and girls in the developing world dealing with their ‘week of shame’.

“We found that 100 million girls around the world are falling behind and dropping out simply because they lack sanitary supplies during menstruation,” says Veronica.

“So, we coupled the innovative concept of stain and leak resistant underwear with the socially conscious concept of providing girls and women in the developing world with washable, reusable pads, allowing us all to live our lives, fully, and shamelessly, every day of the month.”

AFRIpadgirls get Thinx underwear

For each pair of Thinx that are purchased, one girl in the developing world gets seven reusable pads, enabling her to stay in school and continue her education during this time.

The company have teamed up with AFRIpads, who train and employ women to sew and sell the pads, which not only helps get basic sanitary protection out to the local community but also boosts the economy, turning the women into entrepreneurs.

Breaking down the taboo

“Our whole mission is to break the taboo surrounding menstruation, eliminating shame from the equation, empowering women and girls around the world,” says Veronica. “While we don't experience nearly the same struggles as the girls we help through AFRIpads, taboos about menstruation are nearly universal.”

While fighting this taboo both in the Western and developing world is a big obstacle, Veronica is sure that Thinx will help break down the boundaries. “The most powerful thing we can do is educate those around us,” she says.

And with pants like these, we think they’re onto an amazing start.

You can buy Thinx online at Prices are in dollars but they do ship to the UK. Image: Thinx.