These Therapy Balms Help Put You In Your Dream Mood


Whether you’re into holistic healing, or keep away from the wellness trends that are hot RN, there’s no denying that aromatherapy is having a moment. It’s not often that we can take time out of our busy schedules to sit and just ‘be’ though.

However, Scentered Therapy Balms have the answer. Their 100% natural aromatherapy fragrances in incredible-smelling combos are handbag-sized and quick to apply, so you can roll the balms onto your pressure points (wrist, neck and temples, FYI) and breathe. Mindfulness and me-time wherever you go.

We’ve pulled together a ‘what balm, when’ guide, so you can achieve good vibes whatever your current mood.

For when you’re feeling… frazzled

We lead such busy lives that it’s no wonder we get stressed sometimes. For a little calm on the commute, or to be still amidst a storm of Thomas the Tank Engine and “Muuuuuuuum”, the Stress Less Therapy Balm is the one for you. The uplifting scent blend of chamomile, neroli and mandarin will calm any nerves. Plus, its handbag-friendly size will allow you to stress-bust in any situation. You’ve got this.


For when you’re feeling… restless

When you’re feeling fidgety, or just bored AF, it’s time to whip out the Escape Therapy Balm. Awake your curiosity and lust for life with the spicy scents of frankincense, amber and vanilla. Sweet and a little bit spicy, inspire yourself or others by letting your mind wander. Who knows where it’ll take you or what ideas will land in your head. Your boss will be v. impressed.

For when you’re feeling… distracted

Sometimes it can feel like *everyone* wants a piece of you. You can hardly sit down for a minute to concentrate on one task, or when you do, you end up procrastin-eating like there’s no tomorrow. Apply Focus Therapy Balm to zone out the distractions and stimulate your own senses with an invigorating mix of rosemary, peppermint and clary sage essential oils. Fun fact: Rosemary has been used to improve memory retention since the time of the Ancient Greeks, so it’s DEFINITELY time to get your concentration on.  

For when you’re feeling… underappreciated

February is the month of self-love! The rose, patchouli and cedarwood essential oils in the Love Therapy Balm are blended with smooth shea butter, jasmine and vanilla to create a unique scent just for you. An altogether calming and comforting hug for the senses, you just roll it on to feel instant relaxation. A travel-sized balm is available in February’s Pink Parcel, so you can feel the love wherever you go and, if you fall in love with the scent (you will), you can get the full-sized balm from the Pink Shop.

For when you’re feeling… overtired

The Sleep Well Therapy Balm is designed to ensure a great night’s kip and is especially helpful for those times when your body does it’s best impression of a 5-year-old fighting sleep. Urgh. Containing the classic sleepy scent of lavender, as well as palmarosa and ylang ylang, you can relax those muscles and drift to the land of nod asap. If you need an extra helping hand, grab an eye mask to block out the light and say goodnight to disrupted sleep forever (this one is our fave for its major Audrey Hepburn vibes).

For when you’re feeling… just a bit meh

We can’t always pinpoint how we’re feeling, or why, and that’s okay. For those times when you’re not feeling 100% yourself and scrolling through #dogsofinstagram isn’t helping, try a touch of aromatherapy using the Be Happy Therapy Balm. Described as ‘sunshine in a stick’, it's perfect for those dull days when you need a little mood boost. Grapefruit essential oil is advocated as an antidepressant, while the lemon myrtle and spearmint scents will stimulate and lift your mood.

Brighten your day with Scentered Therapy Balms. A travel-sized Scentered Love Therapy Balm is available in February’s Pink Parcel and the full-sized product is available from the Pink Shop