The £14 Strobe Pencil You Need For Summer

When you think of summer skin, what comes to mind? A sprinkling of freckles and a natural, bronzed shimmer? For us, we’re all about chasing that luminous glow, which is why we’re making the strobe technique the make-up look to master this summer.

So, what’s strobing?

In case you’ve forgotten, here’s a quick refresh: Strobing is essentially precision highlighting without pairing it with highlighter’s usual partner in crime – contour.

Contouring concentrates on shading and sculpting, whereas the strobe technique stands alone and is focused on exaggerating healthy skin by highlighting the places where the light would naturally hit. Think illuminated cheekbones, brow bones and cupid’s bow. Consider this a bit of make-up magic that’s perfect for the warmer weather when you want to avoid layers and layers of foundation and powder. Strobing relies on clear, healthy skin and a lovely mirror-like shimmer. 

Strobe spotlight

There are handfuls of highlighting products to give you a gorgeous high-watt glow, but to nail the strobe technique you should opt solely for a highlighter with a liquid or cream base, rather than a powder finish.

For an effortless, ethereal radiance, we’re loving the Lord & Berry Strobing Highlighter Pencil. This pink-toned product glides over the skin to bounce light off the face in a subtle, but targeted strobing effect. Blend well with your fingers over the face’s high points to add extra radiance and hold off using a final sweep of face powder to keep the skin looking fresh and glossy.

Blurring the lines between high-fashion and beauty, Lord & Berry is the make-up atelier from Milan created by make-up artists, industry insiders, and endorsed by a runway model fanbase.

The trend-conscious cosmetic collection features innovative formulas and fashion-forward shades in chic, monochrome packaging. You can shop the range right here.

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