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The Grown-Up Girls’ Guide To Sleepovers

FOMO? Pfff, never. We know the best nights of your life can be had from your sofa. So if you’re feeling meh, get your girls to bring their overnight bags and make staying in the highlight of your month.

Sort your spread

We’re not talking carrot sticks and hummus here – they won’t kill your cravings. Throwing back to teenage sleepovers means going for it with the munchies. Whether that’s an XL pizza, bucket of popcorn or the super-size froyo, don’t hold back – you can rein it in tomorrow after all. Save on washing up and eat your treats off stylish paper plates such as these from

Dress code = cosy-casual

A sleepover isn’t a sleepover unless you’re rocking a cute pair of PJs – add fluffy socks and a messy up-do for a look that says yep, staying in. For a tad more effort, why not suggest a colour theme for your sleepwear?

Plan your watch list

Nothing too high-brow is the golden rule for sleepover movies. You just need some good ‘uns to roll in the background.

For laughs:

Bridesmaids – rom-com with sass.

Mean Girls – oh the put-downs.

For tears:

Me Before You – lump in the throat magic.

Beaches – old, but weepy gold.

For outfit envy:

Grease – hello pink ladies.

Clueless – channeling plaid.

For kick-ass girl vibes:

Wild – solo willpower at its best.

Thelma and Louise – road trip anyone?

Get beautifying

Feet filing, nail painting, face masking, eyelash tinting, hair oiling – these are the ultimate girl jobs to be saved up for a slumber party. Think all the maintenance.

Mix-up your mini-bar

Coffee, ginger and grapefruit are some of the tastes majorly trending in the cocktail world right now. If you’re off the booze though, play mixologist and make mocktails using tons of crushed ice and soda instead  – just as tasty.

Move it, shake it

A little living room dancing is inevitable right? And it’s good for you too. Throwing some shapes around releases lots of endorphins – great for both pain relief and boosting your mood.

Get playful

Piñatas aren’t just for the kids. Smashing the s**t out of a pretty unicorn can be seriously PMT relieving (try it). Order a bespoke design from – they’ll even do you a vagina piñata.

Actually sleep

Because you’re not 12 and catching up on a full eight hours kip is the kindest thing you and your gals can do for yourselves. Night then.

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