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How To Use Essential Oils From AM To PM

In need of some fragrance hacks to kickstart your day and help you wind down at night? Incorporating essential oils into your routine can help your day to flow smoothly – and smell great, too. Discover the life-enhancing qualities of Sanatio Naturalis pure essential oils, from PMS pick-me-ups to all-round wellness wonders, we’ve got you covered from AM to PM.

Make over your morningSanatio Naturalis Orange Essential Oil

Wake up on the right side of the bed with the juicy scent of orange – an uplifting, feel-good fragrance that’s bursting with positive vibes and perfect for your morning power shower.

Add five drops of Sweet Orange Essential Oil to two tablespoons of fragrance-free shower gel or your choice of carrier oil, massage into damp skin, then rinse-off and get ready to rise and shine. Or if you’re feeling really lazy, simply spray the essential oil directly onto the base of your shower before switching on and hopping in.

Time to focus

If you struggle with concentration during the day, this zingy blend can help. There’s nothing wrong with having a cup of coffee in the morning, but if you find that you’re sipping on caffeine all day long to keep your eyes open, it might be time for a shake-up.

Add three drops of Lemon Essential Oil and three drops of Peppermint Essential Oil to an oil burner and breathe in clarity. If you’re at the office and an oil burner is a no-go, use the blend on a tissue and take a big sniff whenever you notice your mind wandering.

Sanatio Naturalis Lavender Essential OilMood-balancing bath

Maybe you’re in the midst of a PMS meltdown or you're just feeling a bit all over the place – geranium can even out emotions and help you to feel less overwhelmed by anger or sadness. Add six drops of balancing Geranium Essential Oil and four drops of relaxing Lavender Essential Oil to a warm bath and mellow-out before bed.

You can also use this blend in an oil burner – add three drops of lavender and three drops of geranium. If you want to use geranium as part of a daytime blend, swap lavender with uplifting Lemon Essential Oil .

Night-time facial oil

Try this regenerating facial oil with rosehip, jojoba and lavender – not only is it a nourishing treat for your skin but the comforting aroma of Lavender Essential Oil will help you to drift off to the land of nod. Rosehip Carrier Oil is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, which can help to boost collagen production, even-out skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines. After cleansing and toning, gently massage up to three drops of facial oil into your face and neck, then apply your night cream as usual.

IngredientsSanatio Naturalis Rosehip Carrier Oil

2 tsp. Sanatio Naturalis Jojoba Carrier Oil
9 tsp. Sanatio Naturalis Rosehip Carrier Oil
12 drops Sanatio Naturalis Lavender Essential Oil
Dark glass dropper bottle

How to:

Add the rosehip and jojoba carrier oils to the bottle using a small funnel, then add the lavender oil. Once all the oils are in the bottle give it a little shake. Store in a cool, dark place away from sunlight.

All Sanatio Naturalis essential oils and carrier oils are free from parabens, alcohol, mineral oils, synthetic colours and fragrances. Discover the full collection in the Pink Shop.