The BeautyPro Foot & Callus Peel That Can Cure Cracked Heels

Summer is the time when our feet are on show for 90% of the time, so hard, cracked heels are a no-no and scaly skin can be the absolute bane of sandal wearing. If you’ve not yet made it your priority to buff the dry bits into oblivion then it’s time to show your feet some love.

What causes dry, cracked heels?

A lack of moisture and elasticity is one of the most common causes of cracked heels; this dry skin along with everyday sweating plus pressure on the feet from walking or standing can cause the skin to become ridged, break and then split.

How can I get rid of dry, cracked heels?

Some graft with a pumice stone will work on a small amount of dry skin on the heels, so can being vigilant with an ultra-moisturising foot cream. But to really slough off a hard skin build-up and to bid goodbye to horrible, callous-ridden feet, you need to add a wonder treatment to your pedi regime. Enter the foot peel – a highly satisfying and wildly effective treatment for the feet.

What is a foot peel?

Coming from a range of award-winning sheet masks made in South Korea – the absolute mecca of innovative skincare – the BeautyPro Foot & Callus Peel is designed to de-gunk even the grossest of feet by revitalising rough soles and transforming the skin on heels so they’re soft and crack-free. These innovative dual layered booties act as a sheet mask for the feet and are packed with over 16 botanical and fruit extracts such as lavender, honeysuckle and rosemary, as well as the skin-renewing ingredients of salicylic acid and glycolic acid that cause the dead skin to simply peel away without pain or irritation.

For the ultimate foot overhaul, feet should be soaked, washed and dried and then given a quick going over with a foot file. The BeautyPro Foot & Callus Peel booties should then be slid over the feet for 90-120 minutes – note: this is the perfect TV-watching beauty treatment. The results won’t be seen straight away, instead, over the next seven days any dry skin on the feet will be slowly shed to reveal fresh, baby soft feet with no gnarly patches in sight.

The BeautyPro Foot & Callus Peel is free from mineral oils, lanolin, petroleum and parabens but should be avoided during pregnancy or if you suffer from diabetes. It’s also best to leave six weeks between the use of each peel as the skin on the feet will be slightly more sensitive after a treatment.

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