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The A-Z Of Summer Confidence *And How You Can Get It*

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With summer on the horizon it’s time to start soaking up some sunny vibes. The happy season oozes good stuff after all; long days of sunshine, painted toenails, hours spent outdoors and of course…ice cream. Need we say more?

And if there’s ever a time that you want your self-esteem to soar, it’s from now until September ­– we reckon nobody should be feeling meh in the best months of the year.

But what if you need some help getting on your summer A-game? We've teamed up with BIC Soleil to bring you 26 feel-good ideas for boosting confidence and lifting your mood and then get ready to have some fun.

A = Adventures

It doesn’t matter if you’re jetting off to the other side of the world or just exploring a different part of town, new adventures make us feel alive, and summer is *the* best time to cram in as many as possible (Winter is for sofa slouching, right?). Create a mini bucket list of the things you want to see and do then tick them off as you make your discoveries. The more you do, the more you’ll feel confident stepping out of your comfort zone. Go, go, go.

B = Body positive

Small, tall, slim, curvy, big boobs, small boobs – being body positive is all about embracing every size and shape. Now is usually when we start frantically fixating on how we’ll look in our bikini, but does it really matter as long as we’re happy and healthy? It takes a switch in mindset to learn to love your body, but doing so is possibly the kindest thing you can do for yourself. Ditch the self-hate ladies.

C = Cool off

Make “hydrate, hydrate, hydrate” your mantra of the summer. When you sweat in hot weather your body loses water and depletes electrodes, leaving you feeling lethargic and at risk of heat stroke. Drinking plenty of water is super-important because it cools the body down and keeps energy levels up. Never be without a bottle and keep an eye on your wee to see that you’re drinking enough – it should be no darker than a pale straw colour.

D = Diet

No, we don’t mean go one one ­– starving yourself to get in your cossie is zero fun – we’re talking about maintaining a healthy, balanced diet. Summer is when you can gorge on your favourite fruits and make huge salads with interesting ingredients. The better you eat, the better you feel remember

E = Exercise

It might be the last thing you want to do in the heat, but exercise is a guaranteed route to a feel-good high – it helps your body release dopamine, a chemical that increases the feelings of pleasure and happiness. Swap your usual gym sessions for an outdoor workout instead. You can’t beat that smug feeling when you’ve nailed a 6am bootcamp in the park.

F = Feel the fear

But don’t let it hold you back. Identify what fears are stopping you from doing things and rise to challenge of overcoming them. Often the thought of what scares you is way scarier than the reality.

G = Glow

Fake it, til you make it is the way to go for a summer radiance. Trying to tan fast means you’re likely to burn which is a) never a good look and b) really dangerous. Wear a high factor SPF every day (not just on holiday), and get glowing with fake tan and bronzer.

H = Holiday mood

If we could bottle and sell the good-time vibes that you feel on holiday, we’d be millionaires, right? But there’s no reason why you can’t weave some escapism into your every day life. It might be lying in the park for your entire lunch break, trying a new restaurant for dinner on a Monday night (alfresco of course), or finding your nearest lido to swim in at the weekend.

I = Imagination

Always thinking the worst? It’s a habit that can totally be changed. A huge part of feeling confident is training your mind to imagine positive outcomes instead of negative ones. The experts call this visualisation, and once you’ve mastered it can be a game changer.

J = Juice up

Juices and smoothies are an easy way to get your nutrients, stay hydrated and give yourself an energy boost. Try blending up apple, spinach, blueberries, avocado, ginger and coconut water for a stress-lifting shlurp.

K = Knowledge

If you’re starting the summer feeling a little flat, there’s nothing more empowering and confidence-building than learning ­– knowledge is power after all. Sign up for a language course, start a skills-based hobby, or just get nerdy about a topic that interests you.

L = Let it go

Your worries, your hang-ups, your looming thoughts….leave them all behind in the gloomy winter. This season is about feeling free and fun.

M = Make friends

Summer makes it easy to be a social butterfly. So say yes to every invitation and push yourself to talk to new people outside of your usual circle of mates.

N = New

Sandals. And shades. And bikinis. And nail polishes in every shade of the rainbow. Summer shopping is beyond exciting, and there’s something about buying pom-pom espadrilles or a palm printed kaftan (that you’ll probably only wear once), that makes us really, really happy. Go with it.

O = Open up

Anyone else envy the open and expressive attitudes you encounter when travelling to different countries? Learning to trust others, revealing your vulnerabilities and being able to express yourself fully is all part of living a life that is true to who you are. Try it.

P = Picnic parties

Social eating in the sun makes everyone feel good. All you need is a blanket, some friends and a pile of food. Stay there all day.

Q = Quiet time

As in Shhh. How often do you get total quiet time? No talking, no TV, no nothing. Go to bed half an hour earlier and enjoy 30 minutes of silence before you sleep. It will really help you de-stress from the day and wind down your mind.

R = Rewards

Work? Pfff. *All* we want to do is play out when the sun is shining, but sadly things still need to be achieved. If you’re struggling to get stuff done in the summer, try setting small goals and reward yourself with something nice when you’ve completed the task. There’s nothing more motivating than the thought of an XL Mr Whippy or chilled glass of rosé after something boring.

S = Smooth skin

Whether you’re poolside, hanging in the park, or rocking a skirt to work, showing some skin for the first time can be pretty daunting. And although a tan makes us feel a gazillion times better, getting one slowly and safely is the way to go. So while you’re waiting for that sun-kissed summer glow, make your legs look their best with a little self-love. Exfoliate with a scrub, say goodbye to stubble – BIC's triple blade Soleil razor has a soft lubricating strip and a curved handle for a flawlessly smooth, close shave – and moisturise until super-soft. Then you’ll be proud to parade your pins whatever the tan situ.

T = Time of the month

That moment when you check the diary and realise your period’s due on the first day of your holiday. Urgh. It happens though (unless you’re a ninja planner) and the time of the month doesn’t have to ruin your trip away. Getting your period on your holibobs gives you an awesome excuse to book in for a spa treatment sesh, embark on some serious lounger-time and eat an ice-cream, or ten. You can always hike that mountain at the end of the week, yeah?

U = Unplug

Stress management is super-important for your mental health and one way to reduce overload and overwhelm is to switch off from the demands of email and social media. If you can’t bear a whole day offline, start by blocking out a few hours where you pledge to go without your phone. It might be anxiety-inducing at first not to having the *whole world* to scroll, but your exploding brain will thank you for the digital detox.

V = Vitamin D

There’s a reason we love the sun so much and that’s down to Vitamin D ­– otherwise known as the sunshine vitamin. Our bodies create Vitamin D when we’re exposed to direct sunlight outdoors and it’s responsible for a healthy immune system and can reduce anxiety and depression.

W = Watermelon

Swerve the sugary drinks and reach for the super-fruits instead. Not only is this one a great thirst quencher it’s loaded with body-healing properties. Watermelon contains Vitamin A, B6 and C, an important amino-acid called citrulline and is a rich source of lycopene, an antioxidant that helps fight heart disease.


Away somewhere lush? Send your summer feels back home on postcard. *Nobody* bothers sending postcards on holiday anymore, so your friend/gran/dog will love that you thought of them.

Y = Yoga

If you’ve yet to discover the benefits of a little stretch and bend, do it outdoors. You can roll out a mat in the park, on a balcony or by the pool on holiday to salute the sun.

Z = Zzzz

How can you be firing on all cylinders if you’re seriously sleep-deprived? Your body needs sleep to replenish and renew and your ability to feel positive, think rationally and kick life’s ass, depends on it. If you’re not getting enough kip at night, make siestas your best friend. If you can find a hammock…even better.

Find out more about how BIC Soleil can help you feel confident in your skin this summer, here.

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