The things that you do in the morning can make a massive difference to how you feel for the rest of the day. In October's Pink Parcel, we're featuring MUDMASKY Morning Boost Mask – a coffee-infused face mask that energises and plumps the skin. Leisurely mornings filled with mindfulness meditations and plant-based breakfasts might be the dream, but if like most of us you’ve only got five minutes to spare, these one-minute morning hacks will get your day off to a glowing start. 

MUDMASKY Morning Boost Mask

STEP 1: Hydrate and fire up your metabolism

Add the juice of half a lemon, a quarter of a teaspoon of turmeric and a teaspoon of honey or agave to a mug of warm water and stir.

Drinking a glass of warm water with lemon and turmeric in the morning will hydrate you and has numerous health benefits. Sipping on a glass first thing each day will cleanse your liver and could improve your digestive health in the long term. Lemon is rich in vitamin C and turmeric has natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties – both of which will help you to survive cold and flu season.

STEP 2: Apply MUDMASKY Morning Boost Mask

After cleansing, apply this energising mask to your face and leave it on for one to two minutes. You can even brush your teeth as it works its magic, if multitasking is your thing.

MUDMASKY Morning Boost Mask is made from an enlivening mix of ingredients, including antioxidant-rich Arabica coffee beans to wake up your skin, xylitol to boost hyaluronic acid and plump the complexion, and Moroccan lava clay to hydrate. Apply each morning to start the day with smooth, glowing skin that’s ready to face the world.

MUDMASKY Morning Boost Mask

STEP 3: Give yourself a facial massage

After removing your mask and applying your moisturiser or serum, give yourself a gentle one-minute facial massage to increase circulation, promote lymphatic drainage and decrease puffiness.

Start by massaging the lymph area, which is located under your ears on the sides of your neck. Make large anti-clockwise circles with your fingers on each side. Then, move your fingers up to your jawline and draw circles up past the corner of your mouth and out along your cheekbones. Next, massage around your eye sockets – start at the inner corner of your eyes and sweep outwards across your eyebrows. Complete by massaging your forehead – start at the point between the eyebrows and massage outwards.

STEP 4: Get grateful to set the mood

Write down three things that you are grateful for each morning and focus on how it feels to experience gratitude.

These could be anything from feeling thankful for the fresh sheets that you slept in last night to a good friend that you feel lucky to have in your life. Focusing on what you already have that’s good in your life will help you to get into a positive mindset for the rest of the day.

STEP 5: Whizz up a smoothie for the road

Make a healthy smoothie to drink on-the-go or to enjoy later when you have time. Fresh fruit, yoghurt and plant-based milk are great for a vitamin and mineral boost in the morning.

Try adding whole grain oats to keep you full until lunch and chia seeds for an omega-3 boost. Cacao nibs and maca powder are two energy-boosting supplements that can help you to get going in the morning, which you’ll find in the health food shop.

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