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The 5-Minute Beach Prep For Those Who Love A Lie-In

Sponsored by Nip+Fab

If there were a holiday guidebook, we’re pretty sure one of the first rules would read “one must have a lay in while on holiday” - it’s practically a law, right?

Whether you’re holidaying in Croatia or Cornwall, a quick beauty routine means you can maximise sleep time AND not be accused of wasting away that precious tanning time with your post-9:00am snoozefest.

For a laidback look that is water and sea-breeze friendly, follow our steps below.

Step 1

Wash and dry your face as per usual to remove any dirt, oil and sweat that has built up overnight.

Step 2

Exfoliate using Nip+Fab’s glycolic fix cleansing pads. Quick and easy, the glycolic acid gently removes the dead skin cells for more youthful skin, whilst the hyaluronic acid and blue daisy in the pads calm and moisturise.

Step 3

Massage a light moisturiser into your skin. Anything too heavy-duty will clog your pores and we all know what that means: spots, standing loud and proud for their photo op. Urgh.

Step 4

Nip+Fab’s glycolic fix cleansing pads create such a smooth base for makeup so a light BB cream (with added SPF, of course) will glide on evenly to hide any blemishes.

Step 5

Probably the hardest step of all and it’s really not too difficult. Use a waterproof mascara and blink down on the wand for long, eye-catching lashes.

Step 6

Slick on a lip balm, again with added SPF, to protect your delicate smackers.

Now, throw on your bikini, sarong and sunnies to rock the ‘I woke up like this’ vibe because, really, you pretty much have.

NIP+FAB glycolic cleansing pads are available in July’s Pink Parcel, in store at Superdrug and from the Nip+Fab website.

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