The £11 Gamechanging Lip Product You NEED In Your Life

When it comes to strong lip looks, as much as we salute a gorgeous glossy sheen, the matte lipstick trend shows no signs of sliding off the beauty radar anytime soon.

And we’re glad. Gloss might be ultra-glam but a matte lip makes an impact, and there are plenty of benefits for jumping on the anti-shine bandwagon. Pigment-loaded matte lippie suits all skin tones, plus pick the right product and your bold look will last way longer than a slick of shine or shimmer. Not to mention that windy day/-hair-in-the-lipgloss hassle: you simply don’t have that with a matte.

The Beauty Crop GRLPWR Liquid Lipstick

So meet The Beauty Crop GRLPWR featured in June’s Pink Parcel – a new breed of liquid lipstick that glides on like a gloss but boasts serious staying power, all without drying out your pout. And along with your matte look lip comes a kick-ass sentiment too. The GRLPWR line has been created to celebrate female empowerment and individuality – wear your pout with pride and be part of a movement that’s all about friendship, female support networks and self-expression. It’s a message that’s music to our ears.


The Beauty Crop also takes inspiration from healthy living and super-food ingredients for its innovative make-up range. Complex formulas and unnecessary additives are a no-no and instead this cruelty-free brand uses natural oils and plant-based extracts that will nurture and hydrate your lips while giving them intense, long-wear colour.

We’re talking about the kind of impressive colour where there’s little transfer onto a cup, glass or human (!) and zero fear of your smile cracking when you flash a giant grin. In fact lips feel quenched, which is often a rarity with non-budge lip products. These seemingly magical moisturising properties of the GRLPWR lipstick are thanks to the infusion of shea butter and vitamin E, which keeps lips soft and supple and makes that dry, flaky, cakey look a thing of the past when trying to achieve your matte finish.

The Pink Shop stocks eight wearable shades – from the power-pout potential of “Apeeling” to the universally flattering “Papaya Don’t Preach". Simply swipe on a layer of colour with the wand, let the liquid dry down to a true matte and then do your day.