The 4 Golden Rules For Having Gorgeous Hair All Month

It goes without saying that periods can meddle with the look and feel of our face – hands up if you’ve got the break-outs and dry bits to prove it. But it’s not just the skin that suffers due to fluctuating hormones throughout the month, the menstrual cycle can also affect your hair. If you’ve noticed that some weeks you’ve got a flaky scalp and others you’re a walking greaseball, you can probably blame your period.

But regardless of what your hormones are up to, follow these golden rules to help keep your hair looking lush. No scraggy up-dos needed here, ta.

Rule #1 Don’t overwash

Washing your hair everyday is a habit not a necessity. Over cleansing can strip your hair of its natural oils making it look dull and lifeless. So if you can stretch it to every third day, fab. Your hair will soon get used to being washed less. Use dry shampoo for those on-the-cusp-skanky days.

Rule #2 Treat wet hair like gold

Ragging a brush through soaking hair is a surefire way to cause breakage; hair stretches and snaps so much more when it’s wet. Use a widetooth comb to gently take out tangles or if you’re wedded to using a brush, try the Wet Brush. The flexible bristles glide through knots without tugging or tearing. It's a game changer.

Rule #3 Towel dry before conditioner

Oh, we should know this…it’s slapped on the side of most conditioner bottles after all. But let’s be honest, who actually bothers? For the tiny hassle though of halting your shower and towel drying hair properly, the conditioner will be able to properly penetrate your hair leaving it so much softer and smoother. Give it a whirl with the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil conditioner, in April’s parcel.

Rule #4 Always use heat protector

Well we wouldn’t sunbathe without protecting our skin, so treat your hair with the same care. Flat irons, blasts of the hairdryer and hot tongs all take their toll on your hair, especially if it’s coloured and a tad more vulnerable. Spritz on a protector such as GHD’s heat protector, before you get the hot styling stuff out. Your tresses will thank you.

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