#TabooTuesday: Are Sore Boobs Something To Worry About?

The girls feeling a little tender? Trust us, we feel your pain. There's nothing worse than worrying your bra is going to explode because your boobs are more swollen and sore than your PMS spots. Sob. But what is it inside our bodies that mean this throbbing discomfort is an actual thing? And is it something to worry about?

It's super-important to know what's going on with your breasts – how they feel, how they look, knowing what's 'normal' for you. Sadly, more than 4,000 UK women are diagnosed with breast cancer every month, an almost 1,000 of these will die from the disease, so knowing the signs is key for survival.

In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we'll be talking about boobs even more often than usual on Pink Parcel – because knowing your breasts is *always* better for your health.

Here's why your twins might be super sore...

It's PMS party time

When your period arrives, your hormones go all over the place and the tissue in your boobs responds to this shift. Guess how!? SORE BOOBS. The increase in oestrogen causes your milk ducts and glands to swell and traps that fluid in your breasts. Sadly, you just have to ride the menstrual wave. The soreness should stop when your period does.

Your bra doesn't fit

Hell yeah, this gives us an amazing excuse to go shopping and buy all the lingerie... If your bra is too tight or your cup size is too small this can put pressure on your breasts, causing sore boobs once again. Also, if it's too loose, all that jiggling around can lead to tenderness. You might need to re-think your gym/sports bra situ.

Your lovely lady lumps are, well, lumpy

If you have been diagnosed with lumpy breast tissue (a non-malignant fibrocystic breast condition for the medical wizards out there) you are more likely to suffer from soreness. You experience hormonal variations during your menstrual cycle and have breast masses and cysts, which can contribute to your sensitivity.

You need to cut the caffeine

Love your morning latte? Unless you spill your hot coffee down your chest, caffeine doesn't directly cause sore boobs but some studies have shown that eliminating it can help with discomfort (especially if you have a fibrocystic breast condition). It might be worth switching to herbal teas to see if this helps.

When to see your GP

Worried that sore boobs are a sign of cancer? Breast tenderness is not often associated with cancer and it doesn't put you at any increased risk. If you're still worried about your breast soreness though, book some time in with your GP. In the mean time, give them some serious TLC with a soft but supportive bra and use anti-inflammatory gels or creams to soothe the pain.

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