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#TabooTuesday: Are My Nipples Normal?

All hail our wondrous nips! Everyone has them (interesting science fact; they actually develop in the womb before our sex organs), yet you can bet that not one of our glorious pairs are the same.

Pink, brown, dark, light, hairy, bobbly, innies, outies - the tit talk could go on all night. But if you're not comparing them with every BFF, colleague and stranger you come across (not advised) or browsing through awesome galleries like this that show just how different they all are, how do you know what's A-OK?

Here's all the nipple knowledge you need...

Size doesn't matter

Like, literally. There is no 'right' size for your nipples (the sensitive part where breast milk comes out) or the areola (the circle of skin around it). They come in all shapes and sizes and are only a cause for concern if they become misshapen over time. Be proud of what your mamma gave you.

Outtie vs innie

Most girls fall into the 'Rachel from Friends' camp with their loud and proud nipples, but an estimated 1 in 10 women have nips that are a little shy. If they lie flat or fall back into your boobs, then you have inverted nipples - and yes, they are completely healthy.

Lovely lady lumps

Got little pimples around your nipples? Again, totally healthy. They're called areolar glands and produce oils that keep nips lubed up and protected. We like them. Do not pop them.

Hair scare

The odd sprouting happens to the best of us (around 30%) thanks to hormonal changes, so don't be alarmed. If you hate them, pluck them, but hair is REALLY nothing to worry about.

Discharge drama

If you're pregnant, it's most likely breast milk leakage. If you're not, it could be down to a harmless growth inside your boob duct, your age, a bacterial infection - the list goes on. Check with your GP just to be safe, but in most cases discharge isn't a sign of breast cancer (we know that's what your terrified mind was thinking!)

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