Periods at Christmas: How To Have A Merry Little Menstrual Cycle

You probably already know this but your period doesn’t care if it’s Christmas. It's just going to bowl on in there like it owns the place (your womb) and make you cramp and weep in a bid to ruin your day of joy. It even has the cheek to turn up without a present. Pfft.

Well, we will not be bleeding bah humbugs anymore, nature! This year we're fighting back. Here's how to survive the big day if Aunt Flo comes to visit (and we don't mean your actual crazy Aunt Flo...)

Christmas period

Stay clear of relatives who affect your mental health

If PMS makes you super irritable, then it might be advisable to stay away from any family dos where ‘those’ relatives might be. You know the ones…  The aunty who always asks when you’re getting married or that distant uncle who insists on drinking too much, while his voice gets louder and his opinions become more radical. However, if this isn’t possible, try and count to ten (preferably under your breath) before replying to any antagonising comments. See more tips for instant calm here.

Enjoy treats in moderation

Yes, we know it’s that time of the year when eating chocolate is acceptable at breakfast, but your PMS cravings can run out of control if you don’t keep them in check. If you normally attack the chocolate, why not opt for the dark ones that no-one normally eats anyway? Other healthier snack choices include nuts (but not the salted ones), popcorn, roast chestnuts and satsumas, which are great for when you need that sweet hit.

Don’t say yes to every invite

The festive season can be a whirl of social activity, however this may not be what you feel like when you have period pains and a bloated tummy. If you know your period is coming, make sure you schedule in some down time so you can rest and be sparkly at those parties you do attend.

Pile on the veg

We know that it’s the roast potatoes and pigs in blankets that you really want on your Christmas dinner plate, but don’t forget to add an extra big helping of veggies if you've got your period. Those fluctuating hormones, which are to blame for your PMS symptoms, can be helped by upping your Vitamin A intake. Carrots, spinach, kale and squash are all packed full of Vitamin A so tuck on in and help improve your symptoms.

Ask for help

While Christmas is fun, it’s also quite stressful. Throw in stomach pains and an ever-changing mood and you’ve got a recipe for a festive meltdown! If you’re hosting, ask for help. Get people chopping or laying the table and definitely make sure you don’t do the washing up!

Avoid (too much) booze

Bucks Fizz for breakfast. Wine at lunch. A cheeky Baileys in the evening. Christmas can involve a lot of booze but it’s not always a great idea when you have your period. For one, you may be taking painkillers for stomach cramps and it’s never good to mix the two. There are some studies that have also shown that you can get drunk easier while on you period as alcohol metabolism increases by about 10% after ovulation.  If you want to hit the drinks cabinet, just make sure you also rehydrate with lots of water.

Be prepared

Obviously this is where Pink Parcel comes in! It’s important to ensure you have all the products you’ll need. You don’t want to be stuck on Christmas Day when the shops are shut, or even worse, Boxing Day, when the masses descend on the sales!

Go for a walk

Exercise is one of the best things you can do to help ease cramps and lift your mood. If the weather is good, arrange a nice walk after Christmas lunch. It will not only make you feel better, but it’s also a good chance to work off those calories consumed at lunch.

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