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While you might think you’re well acquainted with your vagina, how much do you *actually* know about your lady bits?

It’s a complicated body part, as body parts go, and the taboos that surround vaginas mean it can be hard to know what is fact and what is fiction.

Here at Pink Parcel, we love busting myths and being loud and proud about our privates (or not-so-privates) so we’ve teamed up with Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash to bring you all the info you need to know...

1. The downlow on discharge

Women produce around a teaspoon of discharge a day. Sounds like a lot for that little bit of mucus you see in your knickers, doesn’t it? Well we actually produce a lot more of it during our fertile period, halfway through the cycle at ovulation – it’s just our vagina having a self-clean.

2. Keep your knickers on

Sleeping in your pants is a-okay. There are only a few things that don’t let your vagina breathe, such as thick nylon (that’s why tights often have a cotton panel in the crotch area) and spandex. If you’re sleeping in either of those, it’s probably time you upgrade your undies.

3. How does your garden grow?

It’s not just male sex organs that grow when they’re excited, the vagina actually swells to twice its normal size when aroused, expanding both lengthways and widthways.

4. The Big O

Women actually have more nerve-endings in the clitoris than men do in the penis; almost double, in fact! That explains why the female orgasm is often more intense.

5. Sweat it

As well as having more nerve-endings, women also have a high density of sweat glands in the vagina – almost as much as our armpits.

6. It’s all about balance

Your vagina is in its own little world down there. It has its own pH balance, and maintains the right amount of good bacteria all by itself. The Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash in your September Pink Parcel will not disrupt the equilibrium of your lady garden as it is 100% soap and alkali-free.

7. Not all women are born with hymens

There is a small percentage of women born without a hymen, and for those who are born with one, they vary in coverage and thickness. This means that losing your virginity is not the only thing that can ‘break’ your hymen. (Hello tampon.)

8. The foods you eat can affect your vagina

A popular myth is that certain foods can affect the smell of your vagina; it can have a small impact, but nothing to write home about. Everyone’s garden has a different scent anyway. Foods like probiotic yogurt can help prevent yeast infections though, while flax and soy can improve vaginal dryness (mainly post-menopausal).

9. Bush babies

This one shocked us: we’ve pretty much had pubic hair since birth. Yep, what the heck!? Turns out ‘vellus hair’ – thin, fine tufts of hair that are nearly invisible to the naked eye – are present from childhood.

10. Not-so-straight talking

Your vagina isn’t vertical; it’s actually tilted at roughly a 130-degree angle. So this is why we aim our tampons towards our back. Mind. Blown.

You can find Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash in September’s Pink Parcel, or on the Sebamed website