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The Superfood Solutions To Sort Your Skin

For PMS skin, hormone-related spots or ongoing acne, you don’t always have to reach for chemical loaded products to sort your skin out, natural ingredients can deliver too. Get to know the wonder-products packed with superfoods that can be relied upon to blast your breakout or hydrate your dry bits.

Papaya power

We’re totally sold on this super-fruit. Not only does it look pretty, papaya is a potent spot buster as it contains two anti-fungal, anti-bac and anti-viral enzymes – called papain and chymopapai. These can reduce bacterial build-ups and also act as exfoliation agents, removing dead skin and accelerating the turnover of skin cells. Vitamin A B and C, are also found in papaya which can soothe the skin and prevent the production of excess oil. Curious? The Anatomicals Sud The Lot of You Mango And Papaya Body Cleanser offers a shower time fix of this fruit, and the secret ingredient of papaya leaf in the Radiant Glow face masks by Beautaniq Beauty will even your skin tone and brightens your skin.

Lemon love

Ah lovely lemons. This zesty fruit has to be one the most effective ways to treat pimples, due to the natural citric acids that act as mighty disinfectant for bacteria build-up. You can use lemons in a no-frills, neat-on-the-zits way – easy-peasy lemon squeezy – or mix a couple of drops of a lemon essential oil into your moisturiser to rub into the skin. This wonder-oil by Sanatio Naturalis does the job nicely.

Mad about mint

Peppermint can be magical when it comes to managing PMS skin. The natural antiseptic properties can control bacterial growth and soothe irritated skin. For a minty moment in the bath or shower, grab the Greenfrog Botanic Geranium & Peppermint Bodywash, the cooling peppermint oil acts as a deep conditioner for your skin while leaving it cleansed and full of antioxidants.

Totally turmeric

Turmeric is the wonder spice that’s been used in Ayurvedic medicine, for years and years and is loved for its super-power properties – it contains curcumin which is an ass-kicking anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient. Massage the Dr Botanicals Turmeric Superfood Restoring Night Moisturiser into skin before you sleep to help even out your skin tone and reduce skin inflammation.