Are You Stuck In A Beauty Rut? Here's How To Break Out

When you look in the mirror, does it feel like Groundhog Day? Same look, same routine, over and over again? If this sounds familiar, it’s time for a beauty overhaul, my friend. Obviously, you’re an incredible human already, but the same look and routine day in, day out, can drag. Here’s a list of super-easy tips and tricks to totally switch up your look, so you can strut out of the house feeling like the total goddess that you are.


Let’s start at the top. If you’ve been rocking the same ‘do for the last few years, put down that brush and hair tie RN. Of course, experimenting with a brand new shade is a great way to freshen your tresses, but if you’re happy with your cut and colour, we have a 10 second hack that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE (well, your look): switch your parting. Yup. It sounds oh so simple, but it actually really does work. A deep side parting will give you a sultry, screen-siren look, while a middle parting will make a bold statement. People won’t be able to put their finger on what’s changed, but it will zhoosh your hair right up.


If you’re still living by the principle that you’ve got to colour match your make-up to your skin tone, like eyeshadow, lippy and nail polish, it’s time to rip up that rule book. Wear whatever colour you want; your body is a canvas of self expression! For those not ready to commit to going wild just yet, why not buy a multi-colour palette so you can experiment with different shades first? There’s a Hikari Shimmer Bronzer palette which has four shades in this month’s Pink Parcel, which you can use as a blush or eyeshadow too.


Us humans are creatures of habit, but if you’re still relying on the same face wash you used back when you were 15, it’s time to shake things up. Our skin changes throughout our lives, so we need to ensure the products we use change to reflect our skin’s needs, too. Acne is still a common problem in your 20s, while your 30s can see the development of skin discolouration and eczema, which require different treatment. Identify your skin type, and get a face wash, moisturiser and toner that suits your skin now. Check out the skincare section of our Pink Shop for a host of beauty saviours and find the best product for your skin.


It’s wardrobe purge time! You know the drill, get a black bag and fill it up with anything you haven’t worn in the last six months (season appropriate obvs). Those pieces you love the look of but just don’t fit right? Gone. Those shorts that roll up funny when you walk? Gone. That t-shirt that’s full of holes but feels like a hug when you wear it? Hmm… okay that one can stay. Once you’ve culled and taken down the charity shop, it’s the fun part. Go shopping! Be bold in your choices and own your style with confidence, without umming and ahhing whether you can ‘pull it off’. Go on, buy that bright yellow coat you’re on the fence about. You can work it, girl.