How Does Your Period Affect Your Skin?

If it’s not enough that your period gives you cramps and an overwhelming desire to stuff your face with rubbish, it can also play havoc with your skin. Here's how...

Period spots

Period-related pimples are often due to hormonal fluctuations during your cycle. You may get a spot attack a week before your period but this is totally normal, and it will usually subside once you start bleeding. Some women area also prone to spots during ovulation – if you’ve ever had spots on your jawline, chances are you’ve got your ovaries to thank for those! Up the spot cream, but also make sure you cleanse every day using an alcohol-free cleanser.Anatomicals Zap Zap Zap Gets That Chap Spot Stick


If you're a psoriasis sufferer, the cocktail of hormones coursing through your body during your menstrual cycle can cause flare-ups . These hormones can cause inflammation and also reduce the body’s ability to heal itself. Stress can make psoriasis worse, so take some time out to chill using these jasmine-infused Spacemasks. We also recommend surrounding yourself with dreamy, scented candles and practicing some at-home yoga.

Dry skinspacemasks-self-heating-eye-mask

Around ovulation, approximately 14 days before your period starts, you may notice that your skin becomes drier and - shock, horror - your wrinkles are much more noticeable! This is due to a dip in oestrogen, which causes your skin to lose water, making it look less plump and feel very dry. Add a nourishing night cream to your skincare routine during ovulation. Your skin rests and restores itself at night so adding extra moisture during this period will help counteract the effect of oestrogen on your skin.

Flushed, sensitive skin

During your period, your body produces prostaglandin, a hormone that causes contractions in your uterine walls causing stomach cramps. It can also make your skin feel more sensitive and, as it constricts blood vessels, you may find your skin becomes flushed more easily. Now is not the time for aggressive peels and scrubs, keep to a simple skincare routine during your period.