The concept of mindfulness has been around for a while now, but some suggestions of how to work it into your daily life can seem pretty unrealistic – like mindful walking, for instance – not the easiest thing to do when you’re late for work and anticipating a packed-out tube train. Spacemasks self-heating eye masks provide an easy, and affordable, way to take time out from the world and focus on your breath. Winner of the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2018 and nominated for a Vogue Beauty Award, the heavenly masks come individually foil-wrapped and start heating up immediately after opening.

How to use Spacemasks eye masks

Simply unwrap, pop one over your eyes and let the soothing scent of jasmine and comforting warmth transport you to higher dimensions. Leave on for 15 minutes and float away...

How does the self-heating technology work?

The genius people behind Spacemasks have filled each mask with a layer of iron particles that react with the oxygen in the air and cause the mask to warm.

What are the stress-busting benefits?

Eight-hour days spent focusing on a screen can cause eye strain and mental fatigue.
Not only are these masks a great solution to tension headaches, the warming compress boosts circulation, helping to prevent under eye bags and dark circles. Spacemasks are totally safe and are suitable for sensitive skin – all that they contain is the essence of jasmine and iron particles.

Take time out to have a mindfulness moment

Sometimes we can feel guilty about taking time out for ourselves. By using Spacemasks, you are giving yourself the time and permission to zone out for a while. If you’ve tried meditation in the past but struggled with the concept of ‘doing nothing’, this is a great solution.

Do Spacemasks help you sleep?

If you choose to use Spacemasks before bed, don’t worry if you happen to fall asleep – that’s the point. The mask is safe to leave on overnight and the dark, super-soft fabric blocks out light, too.

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