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Spacemasks: 5 Super-Galactic Ways To Use Them

Self-heating eye masks are the latest wellness trend to catch our attention. Recently nominated for a Vogue Beauty Award, Spacemasks contain essence of jasmine and iron particles, which react with the oxygen in the air, causing the mask to warm up. Keep one in your make-up bag for a quick stress fix – you never know when you might need it! The beauty of self-heating eye masks is that they’re super-versatile and can be used pretty much anywhere. Here are five super-galactic ways to use them.

Take a screen break


If you’re at work and have an important meeting coming up, take some time out to calm your nerves, relax and reset. After all, having short breaks throughout the working day has been proven to help boost productivity, right? Staring at a screen all day long can cause eye strain and tension headaches to build up – refresh your eyes and mind by putting on one of the heavenly Spacemasks and taking some time out. After returning from your trip to outer space, you'll be ready to refocus.

During a flight

Start your holiday before you’ve even touched down at your destination by getting in the holiday mood and indulging in an on-board pamper sesh. Pop on an eye mask, listen to a relaxing playlist and float away into the clouds with the soothing scent of jasmine. If you’re breastfeeding on the flight, put a mask on to take advantage of the quiet time – your little one will be happily distracted for a while, so you might as well make the most of it!

Ease a hangover

Because some headaches are harder to cure than others! Perfect for a lazy Sunday or those rainy days when getting off the couch isn’t an option. As well as helping to ease stress and tension, the warm compress can increase circulation around the eyes and may help to reduce the appearance of dark circles and under-eye puffiness.

Bliss-out before bed

If you struggle to switch off before bed, adding Spacemasks to your evening routine is an easy way to calm a chaotic mind. Apply your night cream, rub a few drops of lavender oil behind your temples and give your mind the rest it needs. Each mask is super-comfy to wear, with clever little stretchy hooks that fit behind each ear. The mask will stop heating after around 15 minutes but don’t worry if you fall asleep wearing it. Zzz…

Bath time treat

If you find that the only place in your home where you can ever get some real ME time is in your bathroom ‒ undisturbed by family or flatmates ‒ then you can use your Spacemask there, too. Disconnect from the world and let your worries float away...

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