What Your Sleeping Position Says About You *By Lars The Pup*

Whether you're snatching naps or getting a luxurious nine hours a night (yay you), when you're getting some shut eye, there's probably a go-to sleeping position that you naturally slide into. And how you get comfortable resting in bed can actually reveal tons about your personality, too. Want to know more? We've enlisted super-cute Pink Parcel sidekick Lars the French bulldog to show you. Kinda.


The log

As in sleeping like one. Lying on your side with both arms down straight by your side means you're laid-back and have a buzzy, busy social life.  Because you're super-open, you make friends easily and trust strangers quickly, but you can sometimes can be gullible too. Your tight girl crew always look out for you though so your cute-character will never get taken advantage of. Aww.

The log

The yearner

Do you like to sleep on your side with your legs bolt straight and your arms stretched out? If so, you're probably a girl with an open nature, but you can be a touch suspicious and cynical too (hands up if you love a conspiracy theory?) It also takes you ages to make a decision....but once you do, it's unlikely you'll change your mind. Some call it stubborn, you call it strong-minded.


The starfish

This position is pretty self-explanatory – sparked out on your back with your arms up by your ears and your legs hanging wide.  If you snooze like this then your mates are important to you and you're always there to lend an ear – a problem halved is a problem shared, huh? Despite this free and easy sleeping position, you're naturally a bit of an introvert so you shy away from being the centre of attention.


The soldier

And relaaaax. This bed position says chill, still, quiet time. And if you like to drop off this way, it's likely you've got a quiet and reserved personality. But that doesn't mean you're a wallflower. Heck no. You might not be a fan of drama and stress, but you're still super-ambitious and have high standards for both yourself and others. It's the quiet ones you've got to watch remember.


The freefaller

If you're ultra-outgoing and love, love, love to party, lying flat out on your front with your hands around the pillow and your head turned to one side, is probs your go-to sleep mode. Despite having a self-assured exterior, you're prone to a confidence crash if you get criticised.  You're also scared sh*tless of extreme situations (but would never admit it).


The foetus

Ok, this is the classic ' gimme a hot-water bottle for my period-pain' position – but if it’s your sleeping fave too, you’re a bit of a hard-boiled egg. Y’know, tough on the outside but oh-so soft on the inside. Being a sensitive soul means you’re shy when meeting someone new – it just takes longer for you to truly relax and feel comfortable revealing your inner feelings. Your top trait? You're incredibly organised. Go you.


Guess what?

Only one in ten people cover themselves totally with their duvet. One arm or leg sticking out of the duvet is the UK's most common duvet habit, followed by both feet poking out the end. So now you know...anyone for a nap?


*Taken from a study by Dr. Chris Idzikowski, director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service

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