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Why Sleeping In Your Knickers Won't Hurt Your Vagina

Scared of keeping your knickers on at night because you don't want to suffocate your vagina?

Whether you like to let your ladybits 'breathe' or can't bear to be apart from your pants during slumber time, we can finally reveal that wearing your undies in bed is totally fine! Phew.

Solving the debate once and for all are sexual health experts Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, a Yale School of Medicine Professor, and Dr. Lauren Streicher, a Northwestern University medical school professor, who thankfully heard our cries.

"This whole notion that wearing or not wearing underwear will improve vaginal health is pretty much a health myth," Streicher told Buzzfeed.

Minkin agreed, explaining that the "only thing that actually doesn't let your vagina get any air exposure are thick nylon tights with no cotton panel, or tight spandex — but people aren’t wearing those to sleep every night".

Step away from the 80s aerobics leggings, ladies, they are not suitable pyjamas incase you weren't sure.

So, it turns out the question that's plagued our poor panty drawer forever is redundant. Minkin confirmed there isn’t really any scientific data that supports sleeping without underwear, it’s more about personal preference. Hell yeah, we are all for choice.

But hang on, does this also mean that tight knickers don't equal thrush?

“We’ve seen yeast infections in people who wear extremely tight pants [trousers] that ride up in the crotch because they cause more irritation and trap moisture, but this is more an issue of tightness of clothing, not underwear,” adds Minkin.

Two myths busted in under two minutes. That's how we roll.

You'll be happy to know the one and only rule you need to abide by is to make sure your knickers fit! Best excuse ever to go and stock up on a some sparkling new granny drawers? We think so.

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