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Switch Up Your Skincare To Suit Your Menstrual Cycle

If you haven’t already noticed, periods can play havoc with your skin. We’re talking brutal breakouts one day and prune-like dry patches the next. Fun huh? The fluctuating hormones in your body are to blame, but instead of battling with bad skin all month, it’s a smart idea to switch up your beauty routine throughout your cycle.

Here’s what your skin needs and when...

When you’re due on your period:

What happens: You know the signs. You’re feeling like cranky AF, could sleep for days, and your skin looks sooo crappy. But why? Well, at this point in your cycle, oestrogen levels dip and progesterone and testosterone levels rise. This surge is responsible for producing sebum ­– that oily stuff that slides around your t-zone and clogs your pores. You’ve officially entered the acne danger zone of your cycle.

What to try: If there’s ever a time in the month to go ninja with your cleanser, it’s now. That also means no sleeping in your make-up (however good your night was). Choose an oil-free cleanser with salicylic acid to target blackheads and blemishes.

When your period arrives:

What happens: Hurrah, you’ve come on! Oestrogen and progesterone levels in your body fall now and there’s a drop in body temperature, too. All this sees your oily bits dry up and your skin might seem dull and tired looking. Your body is also producing prostaglandin that increases sensitivity to pain. This means your skin can feel sore ­– the most sensitive it will be all month.

What to try: The emphasis now is on soothing your skin and restoring moisture so go heavy on the night cream. Give yourself a face steam to boost the skin’s circulation and avoid any exfoliating products or new make-up brands that can potentially irritate.

When you finish your period:

What happens: Phew, now that’s all over for another month you can move onto business of glowing. Oestrogen rises again when you’ve finished your period and this encourages the production of collagen – strengthening your skin and making it look springy and fresh again. Thank goodness.

What to try: It’s a fab time to break out the exfoliators to encourage new skin cells, or pluck your eyebrows because your pain threshold is at it’s highest. As you head towards ovulation, roughly in the middle of your cycle, your body will produce more melanin so remember to wear suncream with a high SPF – even in the winter!

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