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Should I Be Double Cleansing My Skin?

You’ve probably heard of double cleansing – one of the most talked about beauty techniques in Korean skincare – but this ritual is no new craze. Originating in Asia, it’s slowly worked its way west and now everyone raves about doing the double. Want to give it a try if you aren’t already obsessed? Here’s everything there is to know…

What is double cleansing?

Double cleansing essentially means cleansing your face twice, using two different products – typically an oil-based first, followed by a water-based. It’s more than just another way to remove your make-up, though. When you double cleanse, you get rid of airborne bacteria, pollution and sebum build-up, all of which can lead to premature skin ageing, pigmentation and breakouts.

Do I need to double cleanse if I don’t wear make-up?

This simple answer is yes. Even if you’re not wearing make-up, you should still have sunscreen on, plus your skin would have been exposed to pollution and sweat. All of these need to be removed before you tone and moisturise to give you the healthiest skin possible. You don’t need to double cleanse in the morning, so stick with a water-based product as it will do a great job in preparing your skin for your daily moisturiser. Come evening though, double cleansing does a great job of removing all impurities and reveals fresh skin, which will absorb your night treatments a whole lot better.

What do the different cleansers do?

To double cleanse, you’ll need two products with different formulas. The first one would ideally be an oil-based cleanser. The Organic Pharmacy Carrot Butter Cleanser is enriched with shea butter, carrot and rosemary oil, and will dissolve all the make-up and daily grime on your face. Plus it looks nice as part of a #shelfie, which is a win-win!

What are the benefits of an oil-based cleanser?

Well, to remove makeup, sunscreen and… oil! Sebum is the ‘bad’ oil our skin produces. In moderation, it is essential to the skin’s health as it contains the antioxidant vitamin E, but if it builds up, it acts like pore glue attracting impurities. If sebum is, however, attacked with harsh products, the skin will start over-producing it, which will lead to breakouts. Instead, an oil cleanser will lift away excess sebum without completely drying out the skin for a healthy balance.

What are the benefits of a water-based cleanser?

Now you’ve broken down the oil barrier on your skin, this is where the water-based cleanser comes in. This extra step cleans deep into the pores, removing water-based impurities like sweat and environmental pollution. Try the Naobay Oxygenating Foam Cleanser, which is enriched with soothing aloe vera and chamomile extracts for a gentle, but purifying wash.

How to double cleanse?

It’s important to apply an oil-based cleanser with dry hands on dry skin, otherwise the oil will emulsify with the water too soon and won’t be as effective. Apply the cleanser with upwards and outwards movements in order to get a good, deep cleanse. Massage it in for about a minute and then remove with a muslin cloth or water. Follow with the water-based cleanser and make sure to massage in well, too, going upwards and outwards. This helps get rid of all the dirt, because of the way follicles are oriented on the face. Never use water that’s too cold or too hot as extremes can cause irritation. Go for a pleasant lukewarm temperature and don’t pull the skin too hard.

When your face is clean, apply toner, serum and moisturiser, then start enjoying your best skin ever!