Self-Love 101: How To Be Your Own Beauty Therapist

Why waste your time and cash holed up at the salon? Instead, take some inspo from the treatment room and do your hair, skin and body beautifying from your bedroom. Here are six ways to make the salon experience happen at home.

Book in your treatments

Body maintenance doesn’t just *happen*, you have to make it happen – otherwise life gets hectic and looking after yourself is likely to be the first thing to slide. The solution? Do what you’d do at the salon and diarise your home treatments. Whether that means Sunday night skin scrubs, Monday night face masks, or a Tuesday night toenail paint, if you properly plan in your beautifying time then you’re way more likely to stick to it.

Create a dreamy vibe

There’s nothing relaxing or inspiring about buffing and beautifying with EastEnders blaring out in the background; you need to recreate a dreamy salon situ to get the most out of your self-love sessions. Crank up the heating so it’s cosy, sort out a chilled playlist (or if you’re really serious, go for it with plinky plonky spa tunes or rainforest noise), and dim the lights or dot around your favourite candles. Bear in mind *some* treatments will need slightly brighter lighting – wonky eyebrows you don’t want.

Stock your shelves

Certain staple products in your beauty repertoire such as hair masks, fake tan and nail polish remover will be used week in, week out, or even on a daily basis, so bulk buy to benefit from savings and to ensure you never run out. You’re more likely to stick to a regular routine if you’ve got all your beautifying bits and bobs to hand.

Take care of your kit

Yup, icky implements are nothing short of unhygienic and you’d never ever see dirty tools in your treatment room or spa (you hope), so follow suit at home. That doesn’t mean you need to super-sterilise your tweezers after every pluck – let’s be realistic here  – a once over with a cleaning wipe, or a quick spritz with some anti-germ spray will avoid any bacteria build up. The hand sanitiser in November's Pink Parcel also doubles-up as a beauty tool cleaner and will do the job nicely.

Learn the skills…

There’s zero excuse for not knowing how to remove dead skin from your feet, or the best way to get rid of blackheads – a few keyword searches of YouTube and there’s every beauty tutorial you’ll ever need and more. Watch the product reviews, try a few things out and find out what home treatments work best for you.

…But know your limits

So although there are tons of beauty hacks that you can learn to do at home to save time schlepping to a salon, some treatments should really be left to the pros. We’re talking about chemical face peels, hair extensions and radical eyebrow reshaping – the potential beauty fails here just aren’t worth it. Agreed?

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