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How To Up Your Christmas Spirit On The Go

In just over a week you’ll be nestled in with the fam for a day of food, gift-giving and celebration! But if you’re not feeling those fuzzy festive feels just yet, it can be a frustrating time for you. We sympathise, honestly we do.

Whether you’re an out-and-out Grinch, or a secret elf that can *never* have enough Christmas spirit in your life, here’s how you can sneakily inject some magic into your day.

Create a festive playlist

Nothing quite says ‘it’s Chriiiiiiiistmas’ like Noddy Holder blaring out the speakers as you wrap the last of your presents. There’s something about the sound of bells and backing vocals that instantly ups the Crimbo spirit level, right? So make a playlist and listen on repeat.


Aromatherapy is a super-relaxing, non-medical aid that can help calm all sorts of problems – including the Christmas blues! Sanatio Naturalis’ Sweet Orange Essential Oil has a zesty scent that reminds us of fresh clementines, plus it’s 100% natural! Pop a few drops on a flannel, or breathe in straight from the handy bottle whether you're at a desk, on the train, or just need a moment. It can also help ease muscle spasms and anxiety which is a bonus. Find one in December’s Pink Parcel.

Cheery socks

You could look like the most put-together, professional badass but underneath those tailored trousers is the real you; in all your festive sock glory. Flash them intermittently at those you trust or invest in some festive pants. (Don’t flash those, though.)

Rock Christmas colours

For a nod to the season, wear red. Make like Mrs Claus and go head-to-toe in the shade – it’s AW17’s colour of the moment, after all – or go subtle with a glossy red lip or pillarbox nails.

Eat a roast dinner

We won’t do the big cook ourselves until the 25th, but what’s the harm in sampling other people’s Christmas cooking until then - namely every shop, supermarket and café within a two-mile radius. There are some pretty good options sans turkey, too, so vegetarians need not miss out.

Choose your route wisely

If you need to walk or drive anywhere, plan a route that incorporates as much Crimbo feels as poss. The extra half hour to see the Christmas lights on your way to pick up the kids is most definitely worth it. They’ll love the route home too, just don’t forget to pack the gingerbread snacks.

Sanatio Naturalis Sweet Orange Essential Oil is available in December’s Pink Parcel and from the Pink Shop.

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