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7 Reasons Why We Really Love Watermelon

Sun's out, melons out. Now there's a mantra we can get behind.

Around the time of your period, picking the right things to pop in your mouth can really make a difference to how you feel. Yep, it’s tempting to mainline strawberry sours and marshmallows, but switching them for healthy treats means none of the headaches, tired slumps and tummy troubles that come with a sugar high and the crash that follows.

But that doesn't mean your tastebuds have to suffer. As the weather starts to warm up let's take a moment to reacquaint ourselves with the watermelon; here’s a reminder about what’s good and great about this juicy fruit.

They’re hydrating

Hot day + thirsty throat + slice of watermelon. Ahh, could there be anything more satisfying than that?

They're movie-famous

A big ol' watermelon inspired one of the best movie lines of all time, remember? Hands up if you’ve ever *actually* carried a watermelon? Kudos to Baby Houseman, they’re heavy.

They’re packed with good stuff

Like, loaded. Although watermelon is mostly water (almost 92%), it’s a powerful body-healing fruit that’s high in Vitamin A, B6 and C. It also contains an important amino-acid called citrulline and is a rich source of lycopene, an antioxidant that helps fight heart disease. Amazing.

You can get it on the go

Sliced and slurped will always be the best way to enjoy a watermelon, but on the hoof you can get your fix with a carton of watermelon water. All the goodness, minus the faff.

They’re pretty

You'll have noticed that watermelon slices adorn everything from notebooks to phone cases. No surprise, it's a super-cute fruit. And let’s not even talk about the watermelon lilos you can lol on in the pool – we’re seriously drooling over this one.

They make great smoothies

Adiós green juices, it’s all about the red smoothie right now. Blitz up watermelon and beetroot for a juicy, anti-oxidising, anti-inflammatory elixir.

Beyoncé’s a melon mega-fan

Truth. Beyoncé loves watermelon so much, she’s invested in a company that makes watermelon water. Why? “It’s the future of clean, natural hydration,” she said. Well if it’s good enough for Queen Bey…

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