10 Smart Reasons To Swerve The Booze This Weekend

When did you last have an alcohol-free Friday, Saturday and Sunday? Like, not even a sip of prosecco or a droplet of beer? If it was only last week, then let yourself feel smug for a second. However if you can’t remember the last time that booze didn’t lubricate your weekend, maybe it’s time for a mini detox? And before you think that sounds oh-so-boring (wtf, no booze?!), there are heaps of benefits for giving it a swerve.

The liver gets a rest

Regularly hitting the booze over a long period of time can damage your liver. By allowing yourself alcohol free-days you can reduce the negative impact it has on your body and give your liver time to recover.

You’ll get more done

Imagine waking up early on a Saturday or Sunday morning *without* a hangover. Rather than emerging groggily from the duvet at lunchtime (or not at all), you can actually plan things to do instead. We're talking bike rides, early brunch and shopping. Nice idea huh?

Sleep will be better

Sure, when you’ve necked a gallon of gin you zonk out as soon as your head hits the pillow, but the sleep you after a booze-up is actually pretty terrible. Alcohol reduces REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, the deep restorative sleep that makes you feel rested in the morning. A boozy weekend really can be the reason you feel knackered by Monday morning.

Calories are banked

Alcohol is fattening. Fact. Swerving the numerous glasses of wine means you can load up on dessert instead. That's a fair switch, right?

You’ll feel real-life relaxation

We know, we know, when those first couple of drinks slip down and you forget about the stresses of the week, it's easy to convince yourself that drinking is *relaxing*. But really it's a fake way to unwind; a quick fix.  Sink into a long bath, take a yoga class or catch up on sleep to experience relaxation in its true form.

There won’t be any accidents

By that we mean the "oops, I didn't use a condom" kind of accidents. Not cool, unless you actually want to have a baby. Plus, unprotected sex leaves you at risk of STDs, remember? Alcohol lowers the inhibitions, making you more of a chancer. Your sober self is much less likely to do something you may regret in the morning.

You’ll save some cash

There's nothing sadder than waking up after a night out to realise you rinsed all the money in your wallet....and....there was that late night trip to the ATM too. Oh gawd. Boozing and budgeting don't mix, so if your hard earned cash is better spent elsewhere rather that the bar, maybe it's time to rein in the drinking for a bit.

PMS may be easier to deal with

Alcohol and PMS are a hideous cocktail. If you suffer from anxiety, tender boobs, headaches and general up-and-down moods before you get your period, drinking can potentially exacerbate these feelings. Give giving-up a go and see if you notice an improvement in your symptoms.

You’re reducing your risk of breast cancer

Did you know that alcohol can increase levels of estrogen and other hormones associated with hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer and can also increase breast cancer risk by damaging DNA in cells? Compared to women who don't drink at all, women who have three alcoholic drinks per week have a 15% higher risk of breast cancer. Sobering truths right there.

Sunday booze blues won’t be a thing

Without that skin scrawling beer-fear that creeps all over you, your Sunday will feel entirely different. And do you know how it should feel? Chilled, fun and the spring board from which to have a fabulous week. Try it!