PP Tried & Tested: Puckr Up Lip Plumper

Lip plumpers are taking the beauty world by storm. They promise a fuller pout without any expensive procedures and are super-easy to use. In fact, March's Pink Parcel features a mini version of Puckr Up's sought-after plumping stick so our PP squad can get in on the action! Want to know if and how it works? We put it to the test...

What’s the hype?

If you’re coveting fuller lips but don’t want to suffer painful collagen injections, lip plumpers have probably crossed your mind as an alternative. Not only are they much more affordable, but they mean that you avoid filling your pout with any chemicals. This month, we’re putting Puckr Up Lip Plumper to the test! If you’re a Pink Parcel subscriber, you’ll find a sample of the long-lasting, light-weight formula inside March’s box. It works by using VBE – a warming agent – to increases the blood flow to your lips. This in turn means fuller lips that last for hours at a time.

The need-to-knows

If you’ve never used a lip plumper before, it’s super easy and safe. Just cover the brush with the formula – a small sweep for a ‘midi pout’, slightly more for a ‘puckr pout’ and drench it for a ‘maxi pout’– then apply evenly to your lips. You’ll feel a tingling sensation instantly that lasts a couple of minutes. Slide over naked lips for a natural boost or use under your favourite lipstick for a bold finish. Puckr Up advises that you use the plumper regularly as with each application the results should last that little bit longer. If you’re suffering from cracked or dry lips however, avoid using this lip plumper for now.

Did we love it?

At first, I was slightly overzealous with my application, completely slathering my pout with the Puckr Up Lip Plumper – it’s important to test your tolerance first as everyone reacts to the tingle differently – but after a couple of applications I was totally used to the tingling sensation. It actually ended up being quite addictive! I replaced it with my usual lip balm – turns out a little actually goes a long way – and topped up a few times a day. I noticed a slightly plumper pout for a few hours after each application and liked wearing it under a killer red lip for maximum results. Am I going to keep on using it? Yes. And although I don’t think it can take the place of lip fillers, I’m certainly happy for a fuller pout with no injections needed.

If you want to try out the Puckr Up Lip Plumper too, or have fallen for the sample size and now want the full-sized product, head to the Pink Shop to buy it for just £19.99!

Do not apply to dry or cracked lips and keep away from eyes, if contact occurs rinse thoroughly and seek medical advice if required. A warm tingling sensation does occur when using PuckrUp; upon application if you've felt excessive discomfort then we'd recommend reducing the dose applied to find your tolerance level. A large amount of product should not cause more than a short period of discomfort and will not have any lasting effects other than fuller, plumper lips.