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Here's How To Prolong Your Tan

Back from holiday and revelling in your gorgeous glow? The heatwave may have given you the opportunity to top up your holiday tan, but now the weather's dwindling it's time to faux your glow. Whether you're a complete self-tanning newbie or a total fake tan pro, tanning drops offer a long-lasting and foolproof way to prolong your tan.

Best ways to prolong your tan?

Some super-easy ways to keep your natural tan as long as possible are to moisturise, avoid steaming hot baths, exfoliate, hydrate – and our favourite, enhance with fake tan.

What are self-tanning drops?

Meet our current obsession: the magical Balance Me Gradual Tanning Drops. The dry oil blend has been designed to give your face and body a streak-free, sun-kissed look without any of the UV damage. Infused with vitamin E and aloe vera, the 98.8% natural and vegan-friendly formula moisturises and soothes, too.  

How do you use them?

These wonder drops can be used pretty much everywhere but it's important to note that if you're going for a full body top-up, prep is extremely important. Jump in the shower, then, with a luxurious salt scrub, exfoliate your body using circular motions paying special attention to your feet, ankles, knees and elbow. It’s important to remove dead skin cells all over the body for a smooth, even finish. Next, add one to three drops (depending on how dark you want your tan) to your daily face or body moisturiser and smooth over skin.

Should I add these to my skincare routine?

If you want to safely prolong your tan and create a super-smooth, hydrated base for make-up then the answer is yes. The best part? It's far less hassle than usual fake tans. Just incorporate it into your daily hit of moisturiser to get the glow and leave skin damage at the door.

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