Could we be any more excited about International Women’s Day? Dedicating a day to celebrate women and focus on what we’ve achieved is an opportunity for us all to feel inspired, and here at PP we’re seizing that vibe with both hands.

It’s also important that we use the day, and the power of our collective voices, as a call to action. This year’s #PressforProgress message stands as motivation for us to press forward and progress gender parity – whether that’s via talks, performances, rallies, networking events and marches – we can all think, act and be gender inclusive.

So to celebrate and support International Women’s Day and #PressforProgress we took to the streets to ask women what they were most proud of achieving when they had their period. Here are a few of our fave kick-ass comments.

Dana, 23

“So I got my period during exam time and there was one day when I had a 3-hour exam along with a particularly horrible period. Bad timing huh? I still managed to ace it though!”

Abby, 26

“I’ve just been travelling in Asia for seven weeks and I came on my period when I was about three weeks in. I didn’t let it stop me doing anything I wanted to though, I went scuba diving and still had the best time ever.”

Christie, 23

“I’m in a band, and there have been so many times when I’ve had my period but I’ve still had to get up on stage and give my performance 100%. The fact that I’ve just got on with it makes me feel really good.”

Taiba, 22

“What am I most proud of achieving during my period? Well there was this one time when I had to endure a 16-hour flight with a really bad period. I suffered yes, but I survived it.”

Hessa, 26

“I remember this time when had a very big business meeting on the first day of my period – why is that always the way? It didn’t hold me back and I still kicked ass!”