Our skin can look a little lacklustre in the colder months, and sometimes we need a boost to look as glowy as we feel inside. Plumping mists refresh dull, tired skin in seconds, and can be used as part of your beauty routine, or even on the go.

March’s Pink Parcel features Balance Me’s Hyaluronic Plumping Mist, which promises to fight irritated skin and unveil a smoother complexion. Pink Parcel subscribers are the first to receive a sample of the product, so we wanted to put it to the test!

What’s the hype?

Made with 99% natural ingredients, Balance Me’s Hyaluronic Plumping Mist claims to promote a more youthful appearance, as well as calming angry PMS skin. Exactly what we need, no matter where we are in our cycle.

The need-to-knows

The mist uses Hyacare 50, a natural form of hyaluronic acid that is rich in antioxidants and has many anti-aging benefits. The formula aids the natural production of collagen and helps skin to retain moisture by targeting all layers of the skin for a longer-lasting effect. The Hyaluronic Plumping Mist is suitable for all skin types, contains chamomile water to reduce redness and soothe irritation, plus pineapple fruit extract to brighten and balance the oils in the skin. Sounds like perfection, right?

Did we love it?

After washing my face in the morning, I gave it a few spritzes of the mist. The first thing I noticed was how good it smelled; such a pretty, floral scent that I was happy to bask in. The fine mist dried into my skin within minutes and I was able to apply my moisturiser and foundation as normal. So far, so good. Balance Me assures the mist can be used on-the-go to lift dull make-up too, so when 5pm hit, I seized my chance. I ensured that I applied the mist a good distance from my face as not to drench myself, but I still half expected my make-up to go sticky, or slide off – it didn’t! There was literally no trace of the product left on the surface of my skin after a few minutes, aside from a nice glow to my cheeks and forehead. The spray made my skin feel so refreshed too, alleviating the bogged-down feeling you get from wearing the same makeup all day.

In order to see the long term results, like noticeably softer skin, I would recommend repeated use of the product; however, the short-term benefits are highly commendable, too.

If you want to try Balance Me Hyaluronic Plumping Mist for yourself, grab the sample size from March’s Pink Parcel, or buy the full-size product from our Pink Shop for £16.