PP Tried & Tested: Laritzy Lip Pencils

If you love a bold lip, you’ll already know that the little miracle in your make-up bag is the lip liner – your shortcut to achieving a killer pout.

In May’s Pink Parcel, some lucky subscribers will get their hands on a Laritzy Lip Pencil in one of four versatile shades; Jewel, Retro Red, Cabernet or Berry Pretty. These vegan lip pencils from the cult make-up brand are creamy and highly pigmented so you can wear them alone or as a base for strong, perfectly defined lips.

Always excited when a new make-up product lands in our lap, we put the lip pencils to the test.

What’s the hype?

Here’s a pencil created with a long-wearing formula that promises to prolong the look of your lip colour without the need for constant reapplication – because who’s got time for that? The super-smooth consistency of the Laritzy pencils means you can use them to shape, line or fill the lips flawlessly, without fear of flaking or feathering.

The need-to-knows

Lip pencils always work best on prepped lips, so exfoliate any dry bits first with a lip scrub and then add a slick of balm and let it soak in. Grab your Laritzy pencil and line the edge of the lips, using a series of small, light strokes rather than a harsh line, to create a natural look. Don’t forget to line the corners of your lips too. Fill in the entire lip if desired (this is the secret to making lipstick stay) working from the outside of your lips, inward, building the colour up with small strokes.

Did we love it?

I’ve always been more inclined to accentuate my eyes, or show off my clear complexion, rather than make a feature of my lips. The reason? I have a teeny-tiny mouth with slim lips, so tbh, lipstick has always been a hassle. Because there’s not a huge area to colour, I can never achieve the lovely plump pout that my full-lipped friends get from a slick of the red stuff, and inevitably my lipstick bleeds off and ends up halfway down my chin. Not a great look.

But maybe I’d just never found the right lip liner? I was keen to try one that promises to add definition and make a real difference to my lipstick’s staying power.

I picked the Laritzy Lip Pencil in Berry Pretty to try – a sultry shade of raspberry that matches most of my everyday lipsticks.

Lining my lips was easy with the pencil. We’re talking do-it-on-your-commute easy. The creamy formula glides on and I was able to create a cute, cupid’s bow and add definition to my lips with just a few strokes – no dragging involved or the need to wipe it all off and start again. After I filled in the whole area and added a slick of lipstick on top, I had pretty, raspberry lips that seemed to perk up my entire face. And the best bit was the colour didn’t slip or shift for what seemed like hours.

Will these pencils be sticking around in my make-up bag? Sure. Maybe now it’s time to add a lot more lip colour to my life.

If you want to add a Laritzy Lip Pencil to your beauty bag too, check out the range of shades available on the Pink Shop for £18. 

What’s more, during May, buy any lip product in our specially curated #GetLippy edit on the Pink Shop and you’ll contribute to funding that could save a woman’s life. £1 from each £20 order of lipstick, lipgloss or lip pencils from the shop throughout the #GetLippy campaign will be donated to The Eve Appeal’s pioneering research into early detection and prevention of gynae cancers. If that isn’t worth a new lippy shade we don’t know what is.

If you’re keen to try the Laritzy Gold Eye Pencil that some subscribers received in May’s Pink Parcel – you can also get hold of it from the Pink Parcel shop. This pencil not only creates a beautifully dramatic eyeliner look, but can double up as a base for your lipstick, adding a subtle iridescent sheen.