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July’s Pink Parcel: Why The PP Squad Are Loving It

In July’s Pink Parcel, our focus has been firmly on summer. For this month's Glow Edit, worth over £75, we’re celebrating luminous radiance and a gorgeous dewy complexion. Because what’s not to love about natural, healthy summer skin?

We’ve picked out our fave Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feedback from the Pink Parcel Squad this month that salutes our glow-obsessed parcel. To get your feel-good beauty bits and self-care products through your letterbox each month too, subscribe to Pink Parcel here.

On Instagram, @becky_boop1987_25 said she thought all the items in July's Pink Parcel were amazing! “I even got a birthday chocolate bar! Such a sweet ‘lil touch, thanks guys.”

@kariana_f also posted that this month’s box was: “One of my absolute faves so far! I love all the products, thank you.”

And it wasn’t just our carefully curated skincare edit that got you excited. For @candyfloss_loz, the highlight in July’s parcel was without a doubt the @joeandsephpopcorn. “One sample ended up in me buying six bags from their website. And once I’ve eaten those I shall definitely be ordering more to try the other flavours,” she shared.

What’s great about the Balance Me Flash Cleanse Micellar Water?

We knew the PP Squad would love the addition of the Balance Me Flash Cleanse Micellar Water in July’s parcel. This multi-tasking, toxin-free micellar water removes make-up, nourishes the skin and lifts the complexion with an intense boost of hydration thanks to its wonder ingredient tri-peptide.

For @x_kelly_estelle_x, the product was a total gamechanger. “It actually kept my spots away that I normally get when due on,” she posted on Instagram.

@sianelizabeth was totally won over by the micellar water, too. She shared: “I absolutely love this! I would have never have tried it, if it wasn’t for Pink Parcel. That’s what I love about the boxes!”

Why do we love the Mudmasky face masks?

@julieclee was totally thrilled that we included the Mudmasky Facial Detox Purifying Recovery Mask in July’s edit. “I’m so happy to have received this in my Pink Parcel! I have literally just run out,” she said.

@gbuckle7 agreed too, posting on Instagram: “I absolutely love this and the overnight mask too, tried it last night and woke up with my face feeling so good! I’d definitely recommend.” 

This detoxifying mask keeps skin looking fresh and glowy due to two high-performing ingredients: Montmorillonite clay refines pores and the Moroccan lava clay deeply hydrates the skin. The Sleep Repair Renewal Nourishing Mask repairs and feeds your skin overnight. Don’t want to run out of either mask? Then upgrade to the full-size masks, which are exclusive to our Pink Shop.

What’s amazing about the Magnitone WipeOut Cleansing Cloth?

We all know that amazing looking skin starts with a stellar cleansing routine, so what better way to kick-start some new skincare habits than with the new cult cleansing cloth found in July’s parcel?

The magic Magnitone WipeOut Cleansing Cloth removes dirt, grease and even longwear and oil-based products with just warm water. The PP Squad not only loved that the cloth got rid of grime, but also that it’s eco-friendly – you simply wash it and re-use.

@mampag said that she tried out the cleansing cloth as soon as the box arrived. “The cloth is amazing and sooo soft,” she shared.

If July’s Pink Parcel got you all excited and you now can’t wait for the August edit to drop, take a sneak peek here.



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