Pink Parcel Period Talk: Rebecca, Junior Graphic Designer

Wouldn’t it be easier if we were all more open about the perfectly normal bodily function we experience each month? We think so. Each week a member of our very own #PPSquad will be sharing her period stories with you. Read, comment, share your own. Every story is welcome here.

This week’s period talk is from Rebecca, our Junior Graphic Designer.


What’s your period craving?

I just crave food all the time, does that count?! Actually, thinking about it, I usually find I like the smells of things a little more or less – a bit like a pregnant woman!

I know my period is coming when…

My periods are VERY irregular, so I can never figure out or anticipate a due date, but my tell tale sign is HORRENDOUS cramps. I usually get these around about 4-5 days before my actual period. Luckily they only ever lasts 2-3 days max!

Tell us about your first period…

I started my period quite early – my first was about 3 months after my 10th birthday. My mum always had trouble with hers so she was very open about it all. I knew what to expect and wasn’t shocked or panicked by it at all! I used pads for a while before graduating to tampons, though. In my teens my periods were really heavy and like clockwork, but nowadays they are the opposite end of the spectrum!

Tell us a period cringe (we’ve all got one, hey…)

Oh gosh! So… When I was in my late teens, I thought I was super-prepared for everything. One time I stayed at my boyfriend's house overnight, and unfortunately for me (and him) my body decided that right then would be a great time to kick into action! I leaked through my pants and shorts onto the bed sheets… and not just a little! It was the most embarrassing morning ever and I have never moved to the shower so quickly in my entire life! I don't think he really knew what to think either, he was a bit taken aback by the whole thing! Let’s just say the cream sheets were unsalvageable and needed to be thrown out for sure...

Your favourite thing to do when you have your period is…

Nothing can beat warm milk and a hot water bottle to ease the cramping. Oh, and super comfy clothes – joggers and baggy tops to hide the huge bloated tummy!

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