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Pink Parcel Period Talk: Jacqui, Customer Service and HR Manager

Wouldn’t it be easier if we were all more open about the perfectly normal bodily function we experience each month? We think so. Each week a member of our very own #PPSquad will be sharing her period stories with you. Read, comment, share your own. Every story is welcome here.

This week’s period talk is from Jacqui, our Customer Service and HR Manager.

Jacqui gets help from chocolate and rom-coms during her period.

What’s your period craving?

Cadburys, Lindt, Nestlé, Green & Black's - any chocolate really! It definitely seems to help.

I know my period is coming when…

I get very snappy and grumpy. I also get stomach cramps, I cry at TV adverts - anything to do with children or animals. I get some funny looks from my family. Then, of course, the chocolate cravings start!

Tell us about your first period...

It was the summer holidays and I was at home with my mum. I was 14 and most of my friends had already started so I felt like I was the last one! I remember feeling so relieved that I had finally come on.

Tell us a period cringe (eg swiping sanitary pad thinking it was work pass, bleeding on clothes, school embarrassing story... whatever you like)

I've had a few but I remember being totally unprepared and getting my period at school. I sat in class in the middle of a maths test and knew I had come on my period but couldn’t leave. At the end of the test I picked up my bag and just ran out of school and went home thanking god my uniform was black!

Your favourite thing to do when you have your period is (sleep, slob out in PJs, go for a swim...)

I usually feel really tired during my period, so I do like to relax on the sofa watch a film (with some goodies, of course). Usually a rom-com or something funny. I’ve learnt over the years not to watch a weepy film. It’s just not worth it, I end up in bits!

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